Kane’s shock hesitation “might make Tuchel faint”…Tottenham-Munich agree 100% transfer fee of 174 billion

At the time, the UK’s The Athletic wrote: “Around 12 months ago, Munich recognized Kane as a possible replacement for Lewandowski. Initial talks were positive but Munich were not entirely convinced that Kane would push for a difficult move. With a year left on his contract, Kane could have more leverage. He made it clear in recent conversations with Munich coach Thomas Tuchel that he wanted to join the club.”

As soon as Munich realized that Kane wanted to move, they made their move. The agreement between Kane and the Bavarians came faster than expected. At the end of June, Christian Falk, who works as a dedicated Bayern Munich journalist for Germany’s Bild, reported that “Munich and Kane have reached an agreement in principle for a transfer this summer. The negotiations were conducted by Kane’s family. Now the only prerequisite for the transfer is an agreement with Tottenham.”

It took about six weeks from the end of June for Tottenham and Munich to reach an agreement on Kane’s transfer. It was a tug-of-war between Munich, who never overpay in the transfer market, and Tottenham, who never make concessions in negotiations.

Munich’s first offer was €70 million with bonus clauses. This was far short of what Tottenham wanted for Kane. Tottenham verbally rejected Munich’s offer. As if anticipating Tottenham’s rejection, Munich immediately prepared a second offer.

German Sky Sports journalist Florian Plettenberg, who is well versed in the Bundesliga, said after the news broke that Munich’s first offer had been rejected, “Munich want to prepare a new offer. A verbal agreement was reached after Kane said ‘yes’. The player’s position is clear: ‘If I move abroad, I want to go to Munich’. The club hierarchy knows that negotiations with Tottenham are difficult, but Kane is the new striker that Munich wants.”

The Bavarians gradually increased their offer, testing Tottenham’s resolve to not sell Kane so easily. Munich’s second offer was €80 million with a bonus clause. Tottenham rejected Munich’s second offer without even thinking about it.

When Tottenham refused to budge, Munich wanted to meet with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to discuss a deal. Munich CEO Jan-Christian Dresden and technical director Marco Neppe traveled to Japan and Singapore on Munich’s Asia tour to meet with Levy.

A delegation of negotiators, led by Dresden and Neppe, traveled to London, England, to meet with Levy in person. The tug-of-war between Tottenham and Munich over Kane seemed to be coming to a conclusion, but the face-to-face negotiations failed to narrow down the transfer fee differences between the two sides.

After confirming their differences, Munich made a third offer. It was widely believed to be the final offer. There was talk that a deadline had been set for Kane’s transfer. Munich’s third offer was around €100 million, with bonus clauses.

It was close to what Tottenham were asking for, but Spurs turned their nose up at it. Levy even took an unannounced vacation to Florida, USA, as if to mock Munich’s move.

As the start of the season approached, it was Munich who grew impatient, and they decided to match Tottenham’s £100 million asking price. Munich’s fourth offer reportedly totaled €120 million. “Munich will pay a fixed transfer fee of 100 million and up to 20 million euros in performance-related bonuses,” according to Germany’s Bild.

Tottenham have finally decided to let Kane go, but it’s a surprising turn of events. Kane is reportedly considering a move to Munich. “Munich have finally reached an agreement with Tottenham over a move for Kane, but he is wondering whether it is too late to make the biggest decision of his career,” the Telegraph reported.

Plettenberg, who has been a strong advocate of Kane’s move to Munich, also said: “Kane is really hesitating. Munich knows that. Personally, I think it’s 50/50,” he said in a suddenly negative outlook.

Kane wanted everything to be decided before the opening game against Brentford. It would be very bad for Tottenham to leave it too late. Replacing a player of Kane’s caliber is a very difficult task. None of the strikers currently available on the market can fully replace Kane.

In the end, the transfer has been finalized, but Kane thinks it”s too late to make a move. If he doesn”t push for a move now, he”ll be free to choose a team in a year”s time.

Kane’s frustration with Munich is not lost on him. According to the Telegraph, “Tuchel has made Kane his number one target and is very confident he can sign him. Tuchel could be left stunned if the deal doesn’t happen,” the Telegraph reported, expressing Munich’s frustration. Some have suggested that the move is being delayed because of financial issues that Kane and Tottenham need to sort out.

Meanwhile, Kane is the living embodiment of Tottenham. Tottenham developed him into one of the best players in the world. Kane’s emergence as a key player for Spurs began in the 2014-15 season. Mauricio Pochettino, the new manager of Tottenham, started using Kane as soon as he arrived at the club.

With Pochettino’s full trust, Kane began to emerge as one of the best players in the league, scoring 21 goals and providing four assists in the EPL alone. From there, Kane’s era began. Kane became a world-class player, leading the EPL in scoring for two consecutive seasons in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Despite the arrival of the best player in Spurs’ history, the club was woefully out of trophies. Even under Pochettino, one of the best eras in Spurs’ history, the club finished runners-up in the EPL and runners-up in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Spurs then brought in Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, both of whom were nicknamed title hunters, but nothing changed.

Each time Spurs failed to win a title, Kane’s departure became fodder for the media. He was linked to Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and many other clubs, but each time he showed his loyalty to Spurs.

But it was in the 2020-21 season that Kane’s stance changed. After leading the EPL in both goals and assists, Spurs finished seventh in the league and Kane wanted a move. He didn’t join the club’s pre-season training, citing a gentleman’s agreement with chairman Daniel Levy to force a move to Man City.바카라

Ultimately, Spurs stayed put, never changing their stance that they would never sell him, but that’s when fan unrest began to grow. In fact, Kane was reportedly looking to make another move in the 2021-22 winter transfer window if Nuno Santos was still in charge.

Luckily, Conte’s arrival brought Kane back to life, and Tottenham finished the season on a high note, finishing fourth in the league, but it was short-lived. In 2022-23, Tottenham failed to qualify for Europe for the first time since Kane’s debut. It wouldn’t be surprising if Kane wanted to leave again, and that’s where these transfer rumors come in.

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