‘K League Champion’ Ulsan Youth, the first U-15 Championship win… Defeating Seoul with a penalty shootout

 Ulsan Hyundai Middle School, the youth team of Ulsan Hyundai, the K-League champion, won the U-15 Youth Championship for the first time, which determines the strongest club youth in the K-League.

Ulsan enjoyed a thrilling victory after a penalty shootout in the final of the ‘2023 GROUND.NK League U-15 Championship’ against FC Seoul Youth Team Osan Middle School held at Cheonan Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the 21st. In the penalty shoot-out in a 1-1 tie situation, goalkeeper Choi Joo-ho’s two saving performances reminiscent of Jo Hyun-woo won the penalty shoot-out score 4-2. With this, Ulsan won all 5 games from the group stage to the final and lifted the championship trophy. This is the first time Ulsan has won the U-15 Championship, which was newly established in 2018. Coach Kim Ho-yu, a former National League MVP, achieved a feat of winning the championship in his first year as Hyundai Heavyweight Manager.

Seoul, which challenged for the second championship after the first tournament in 2018, failed to overcome the last hurdle and stayed in runner-up. Seoul also advanced to the finals in the U-18 competition earlier and took second place.

Ulsan pulled out the 4-3-3 formation. Kang Woo-sung, Ahn Cheol-woo, and Hwang Jeong-ho were put forward as the spearheads of the attack. Kim Joon-seo, Kim Do-min, and Park Hyeon-soo formed three-miers, and Kim Min-chan, Kim Do-hoon, Kim Jeong-woo, and Ryu Hye-seong formed the four-back. 1m85 tall goalkeeper Choi Joo-ho defended the goal

Against this, Seoul formed a three-top team with tournament scorers Jeong Hyeon-woong, Hwang Seung-min and Park Jeong-ho. Jeong Yeon-jae, Park Ji-hoo, and Moon Seong-min played midfield, and Son Ho-jung, Kim Ji-seong, Hong Geun-jeong, and Moon Ji-hwan formed the back four. Seojun Lee put on his goalkeeper gloves. Coach Yoon Si-ho, a former Seoul player, led the team in the technical area.

The first half was Seoul pace. After a long search, we got our first chance in the 24th minute. Seoul striker Hwang Seung-min caught a pass to the back space of Ulsan defense before Ulsan goalkeeper and connected it to Jung Hyeon-woong. Jung Hyeon-woong fired a shot at the empty goal, but it hit the defensive wall and flowed out. In the 29th minute, Jung Hyeon-woong’s right-footed shot went over the post. The first half ended scoreless. U-15 competitions are played in two halves of 35 minutes each.

In the first minute of the second half, Hwang Jeong-ho’s shot missed the goal. Ulsan took a chance after a crisis. In the 3rd minute, striker Ahn Cheol-woo quickly penetrated a cross that Ryu Hye-seong laid low from the right to the goal and scored with a non-stop shot.

After conceding a goal, Seoul tried to counterattack by putting Kwon Young-woong, Noh Si-on, and Jeong Ha-won in line. However, in the 16th minute, Jung Ha-Won’s header was directed directly at the goalkeeper, failing to break through Ulsan’s solid defensive walls.

A great reversal occurred in the atmosphere that ended with Ulsan’s victory. In the 4th minute of extra time, Seoul scored a dramatic equalizer. In the free kick situation, the attack developed quickly, and Jeong Ha-won pushed a calm right-footed shot into the cross that Nosion stabbed from the right. The game went into overtime.

It was a one-step battle. In the 4th minute of extra time, Jung Ha-Won’s mid-range shot from Seoul went straight to the goalkeeper. In the 8th minute, Seongmin Moon’s long shot from Seoul hit the post. In the 3rd minute of the second half, Ulsan Kim Tae-seong’s shot missed the goal slightly. In the 6th minute, Jung Hyun-woong’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. The 20 minutes of overtime were all over.

penalty shootout. Ulsan’s number 1 kicker Park Hyun-soo’s kick hit the post and came out. However, in Ulsan, the other four players all managed to score. On the other hand, Seoul’s 2nd and 3rd kicker’s shots were all blocked by Ulsan goalkeeper Choi Joo-ho. With a penalty shootout score of 4-2, Ulsan won.카지노

On the other hand, in the U-14 final held at the Cheonan Soccer Center on the 20th, the day before, the Daejeon U-14 team defeated the Ulsan U-14 team 5-2 and won the championship.

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