Rain again, rescheduling contingency…focus on KIA schedule

A red light at the end of the regular season.

The rain that has been pounding the country since the 22nd is a big factor in the KBO’s rescheduling. The forecasted rain centered on the central part of the country by the end of the week could lead to more rain delays this season.

The KBO schedule for the 2023 season is currently only scheduled through the 10th of next month. The KBO will announce a “rescheduled schedule” in late August to reschedule games that have been canceled due to rain, but at this point, the regular season is likely to continue through the second week of October.

The KBO is looking at the second week of October as the minimum time for the regular season to end. This calculation takes into account the end of the postseason (PS). The PS usually starts right after the regular season ends. In order to finish the final stage, the Korean Series (KS), by the first week of November, more than three weeks are needed.

In last year’s PS, the wild card round started on October 13, and the KS ended on November 8. Due to the prolonged semi-playoffs (PO) and KS, it took more than three weeks of fall baseball.

This year, we need to prepare for this situation again, so the regular season should be over by the second week of October. In addition, the Asian Professional Baseball Championship will be held in Tokyo, Japan in November. Our national team’s first game is scheduled for November 16. In many ways, it’s a tight schedule.

At this stage, we are already close to the end of the regular season. But when you add in the August rainouts, the math becomes even more complicated. In the worst case scenario, doubleheaders could be scheduled in the remaining games.먹튀검증

One team with a tight schedule is the Kia Tigers. They have played the fewest games this year out of the 10 teams. They’re also in a tight mid-table race. The upcoming schedule is a big deal for KIA, which is desperate to participate in fall baseball. If they play a tighter schedule with more doubleheaders, it will put a lot of pressure on their bodies at the end of the season.

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