‘192cm FW’ Kim Hyun stepped in a ‘sinkhole’ during a game and hit his ankle…”It was about as deep as my knee”

Suwon FC’s long striker Kim Hyun-ki almost suffered a serious injury when his foot fell into a “sinkhole” during the match.

Suwon FC lost 1-2 to Incheon United in the 28th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Suwon Sports Complex on the 25th, conceding a theater goal to Oh Ban-seok in second-half stoppage time.

Suwon conceded a goal in first-half stoppage time to Chun Sung-hoon, but ace Lee Seung-woo equalized with a header just one minute into the second half.

With the game tied at 1-1, Suwon were outnumbered in the 43rd minute when Lopez received a direct red card for intentionally punching Incheon midfielder Kim Jun-yup in the face just six minutes after coming on as a substitute, and eventually conceded a theater goal to Incheon captain Oh Ban-seok from a corner kick in second-half stoppage time.

Without a win, Suwon FC remained 10th in the league with 26 points (7W5D16L), failing to overtake 11th-place Suwon Samsung (5W7D15L – 22 points) and 12th-place Gangwon FC (3W11D13L – 20 points).

With Suwon’s goal of staying in the K League One, every point is crucial, but the home fans were disappointed to concede a goal in the closing minutes of the game.

Suwon’s 192-centimeter striker Kim Hyun, who was interviewed in the mix zone after the game, was also disappointed with the result. Substituted in the 15th minute of the match, with the score 1-1, Kim attempted a volley off a sharp cross from Lee Seung-woo in the 16th minute, but his effort hit the post and failed to create a comeback.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel pressure,” said Kim, who didn’t return to action until the 19th round of the league after undergoing surgery for a sports hernia. “I wish it would have happened today, but today I hit the post and the goal was disallowed last time, so I’m stressed, but it’s something I have to overcome and move on from.”

Kim appeared to have scored the opening goal in the 33rd minute against Jeju United in the 26th round of the league on Dec. 12, but the goal was disallowed after a foul by Yoon Beom-garam was pointed out.

“Right now, I need to improve a lot more, but I think I’m in the process of recovering from the surgery,” he explained.

In terms of what Suwon needs to stay up, he said, “We need to have a little bit of persistence to draw games like today and win games that we lose, but I don’t think we have that yet.” “That’s good, but I don’t think we’ll be relegated,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, Kim also commented on the ‘sinkhole’ situation that became a hot topic of the day. In the 28th minute of the first half, the game was interrupted by a grass problem. The soil supporting the turf near the halfway line washed away, creating a deep pit that threatened the players’ safety.

Stadium officials rushed in with dirt to fill the hole, which was so deep that an adult man’s arm could fit through it. The game was delayed and a whopping 12 minutes of first-half stoppage time was added to fill the giant hole.

With the first aid measures in place, there was no problem with the rest of the game, but unfortunately, the sinkhole took a toll on Kim. As he was playing, the grass suddenly gave way and his leg fell off, impacting his ankle.카지노

Commenting on the situation, Kim said, “My ankle was a little bad, but I think it’s worse because I fell into a sinkhole earlier. I think I need to get it treated.” When she appeared in the mixtape, she showed that she was still in shock and pain by limping her ankle.

“I stepped on (the grass) and my foot went out and I sprained my ankle. The sinkhole was about knee-deep,” he said. For the 6-foot-2 Kim, this could have been a dangerous situation. Fans watching the game expressed concern for Kim’s ankle and hoped it wasn’t a serious injury.

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