My colleagues My manager Hyukdon Kwon

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a person. Kwon Hyuk-don, the former baseball manager of Global Advanced School, was the first person I approached to donate my baseball talents after I retired from the SK Baseball team in 2014.

Kwon graduated from the prestigious Shinil Middle and High School in Seoul and began his coaching career at Shinil Middle and High School. He is currently the head coach of the HBC baseball team at Shema Christian School (middle school).

With 26 years of coaching experience, he has a long history of on-field experience and is an excellent leader of players and coaching staff. His enthusiasm for systematic training and coaching is very surprising even to me, who has been playing baseball for over 50 years.

Above all, his love for his players and the way he guides them with the heart of a big brother to players who are younger than his own children is a virtue that every sports leader in Korea should learn from, regardless of the sport.

Coach Kwon Hyuk-don, who has this kind of personality, said, “I will become a manager and support the coach, even though I am not enough until the day the coach is active,” despite his young age. He made this promise and has been helping me more faithfully than his own work for 10 years now.

Ten years later, he is still volunteering to be my hands and feet. He is always happy to help me with my work and says, “I don’t want you to feel any burden.” Thanks to him, I have been able to travel both domestically and internationally for the past 10 years without a hitch.

He manages all of my schedules. He manages all of my schedules, from talent donations to lectures, church testimonies, and important meetings. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to donate my talents to the whole country or overseas. In particular, we would not have been able to bring baseball to the Indochina Peninsula.

Kwon’s biggest concern these days is schedule management. He says that he will help me, who is running in my late 60s, to do a lot of good things as a baseball player and a person of faith without getting tired. It’s up to him.

If it weren’t for Kwon’s careful management and protection over the past 10 years, I might have given up halfway through due to exhaustion. Even now, I am traveling from Incheon to Gunsan at 5 a.m. to donate my talents. I left so early that I am writing this article while relaxing at Seocheon Rest Area.먹튀검증

I hope that my teammate and beloved manager, Kwon Hyuk-don, will be able to spread his good influence to more baseball dreamers.

Thanks to such a wonderful and wonderful manager, I will continue to play baseball in Korea and abroad until I am in my 80s and share what I do best in this world with the world. I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to the youth, baseball players, and the world. I want to spend the rest of my life with them and have fun.

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