Professional baseball is ‘post-coronavirus’… 8 million fans in five years

KBO League’s first 8 million fans since 2018

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has surpassed eight million fans for the first time in five years.

The KBO sold out all 23,750 seats for the Doosan Bears and LG Twins game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday. The cumulative number of spectators, which was 7.984,592 through the 14th, reached 8.083,342, surpassing the 8 million mark.

This is the first time in five years and the fourth time in history that the KBO League, which was founded in 1982, has reached the 8 million mark since 2018, before the COVID-19 pandemic. The league first surpassed the 8 million mark in 2016 with 8.395 million fans, and reached a record high of 8.468 million in 2017.

After reaching 8,073,742 in 2018, attendance did not regain the 8 million mark until last year due to reduced games and stadium closures following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Professional baseball returned to the “post-corona” era this year.스포츠토토

This year, LG had the highest cumulative attendance by club with 1.263 million fans (an average of 16,703 per game). The Incheon-based SSG Landers followed with 1,047,204 fans (an average of 14,545). The average number of spectators per game for the 10 clubs was 11,214 through the last 14 days.

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