Without Heungmin, Kangin… Vietnam War’s ‘goal storm’ continues

The national soccer team will play an evaluation match with Vietnam tomorrow.

The team atmosphere is good as they won 4-0 against Tunisia without Son Heung-min.

What strategy will Coach Klinsmann use in the Vietnam War?

This is reporter Lee Hyeon-yong.

The national soccer team scored 4 goals against Tunisia. 

Following Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, we will try for our third consecutive win against Vietnam tomorrow. 

What is disappointing is Son Heung-min’s physical condition.

As the groin injury has not fully recovered, the national team will decide whether to play after training today.

However, the national team’s upward trend, which was confirmed through the match against Tunisia, stands out. 

In particular, expectations are high for Lee Kang-in, who has emerged as the new ace. 

“There is nothing to say about Lee Kang-in’s performance. I am happy that he showed a fantastic performance. I think this time has served as an opportunity for him to improve considerably and become more mature.”

Their opponent, Vietnam, is ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings, well below Korea. 

However, there were many times when we struggled against defense-oriented opponents. 

“As is the case in all games, our players know well through experience that victory is not simply achieved just because the opponent is weak.”

Coach Klinsmann said that Vietnam is by no means a weak team. 

To ensure the continuity of the national team no matter what the opponent, we plan to use the best lineup tomorrow, including Lee Kang-in, Cho Kyu-sung, and Hwang Hee-chan.스포츠토토

Vietnam was led by coach Park Hang-seo until last January.

Coach Park, who has been highlighted as Vietnam’s soccer hero, plans to personally encourage players from both teams before tomorrow’s game. 

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