The Asian Games victory story told by Moon Bo-kyung, who has a steel mentality 

 Baseball Esanda 120th District: A story about winning the Asian Games from Moon Bo-kyung, who has a steel mentality.

Today on Baseball Esanda, we are joined by LG Twins player Bo-kyung Moon.

Bo-kyung Moon took the mound as the leadoff hitter in the second inning and scored the first run in the finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

He is considered a key player in the Hangzhou Asian Games gold medal.

The LG Twins, to which Bo-Kyung Moon belongs, is also advancing to the Korean Series and aiming for the championship.

We talk with Bo-kyung Moon about the behind-the-scenes moments of the Asian Games and the preparation process for the Korean Series.스포츠토토

Recording time: October 18th
Host: Caster Jeong Woo-young, Reporter Lee Seong-hoon | Appearance: LG Twins player Bo-kyung Moon

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