“I’m motivated” Gangwon, 0 effective shots in the first half… No chance of escaping relegation without a turnaround

The goal was to escape the relegation zone, but Gangwon had ‘0’ effective shots in the first half. 

Gangwon FC lost 1-2 in the away match against FC Seoul in the 34th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd. 

Although Gangwon lost, Suwon Samsung (25 points) also lost 0-2 to Jeju United in the game held at the same time, maintaining 11th place by 1 point.

On this day, Gangwon made major changes to its starting lineup. With the 4-3-3 formation, Yoon Il-rok, Gabriel, and Kim Dae-won took the lead. The midfield line consisted of Seo Min-woo, Lee Seung-won, and Hankook Young. The defense line was comprised of Yoon Seok-young, Lee Ji-sol, Kim Young-bin, and Hwang Moon-ki, and the goalkeeper gloves were worn by Lee Gwang-yeon.

Seoul, which had already confirmed its stay, launched a lively attack. On the other hand, Gangwon did not make any moves to escape the relegation zone. They were unable to attack actively due to Seoul’s strong pressure, and their movement in the second line was not good. Also, Gallego was substituted for Lee Seung-won in the 24th minute of the first half, but it did not have much effect. 

In particular, Gangwon was dragged by Seoul throughout the game and recorded its first shot in the 44th minute of the first half. Fortunately, it wasn’t an effective shot. Gabriel connected with Seok-Young Yoon’s cross from the left with a header, but it missed the goal. 

The situation was not much different in the second half. However, Gangwon did not miss the mistakes of Seoul’s defense and scored a make-up goal. And Gangwon attempted 4 shots in the second half, 3 of which were effective shots. It was a change from the worst performance in the first half. 

After the game, Gangwon coach Yoon Jeong-hwan said, “I prepared hard for two weeks. When I opened the lid, my shortcomings appeared again. Many people came far to support me, but I am sorry. I think I need to prepare more. I prepared, but it was as if I had made up my mind. “It didn’t happen. The fans deserve to be angry. I hope the players will do their best as well,” he said. 

When asked about the players’ poor performance, they said, “It’s not that they showed a loose appearance. They are not able to keep the ball. After losing the ball to the opponent, mistakes are made and confidence is dropping. The will to do it is clear. The motivation is clear. Many things. “Situations overlapped,” he explained.카지노사이트 

As coach Yoon said, if the performance was achieved in a situation where the players were clearly motivated, Gangwon’s turnaround does not seem easy. If Suwon Samsung had won the game against Jeju, they would have fallen to the bottom again. 

Therefore, coach Yoon Jeong-hwan, the head coach, must once again improve the team. In order to lift a team that is in the relegation zone, the mental aspect is more important than the technical aspect. Results may vary depending on how the players basically approach the game. Gangwon’s cool-headed appearance shows that cool-headed motivation is needed again.

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