“I will help Gwangju to second place by winning the East Coast derby” Sweet Eom Won-sang takes care of his family after winning Ulsan

Eom Won-sang cheered for his hometown Gwangju.

Ulsan defeated Daegu 2-0 in the 35th round (Final A 2nd round) of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Munsu World Cup Stadium in Ulsan at 2 pm on the 29th. As a result, Ulsan (70 points) widened the gap with second-place Pohang Steelers (60 points) to 10 points, and succeeded in winning an early victory and losing the league for the second time in a row, regardless of the results of the remaining season. On the other hand, Daegu (49 points) remained in 6th place.

Ulsan, who called Daegu home, started with a 4-2-3-1 formation. The lone top player was Martin Adam. In the second line, Bako, Kang Yun-gu, and Eom Won-sang provided support. The midfield was led by Kim Seong-jun and Lee Cheong-yong. The defense consisted of Lee Myung-jae, Kim Young-kwon, Kim Ki-hee, and Seol Young-woo. The goal was guarded by Jo Hyun-woo. Seated on the bench were Jo Soo-hyuk, Jeong Seung-hyun, Jang Si-young, Kim Min-hyuk, Lee Gyu-seong, Ataru, and Joo Min-gyu.

The expected flow came out. Ulsan did not stop pressing and Daegu counterattacked. After entering the second half, the tight balance was broken. Ulsan took the lead with consecutive goals scored by substitutes Kim Min-hyuk and Jang Si-young. In the end, the game ended with Ulsan winning 2-0.

After the game ended, I met Eom Won-sang in the mixed zone. He won the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and was also crowned champion in the K League. Eom Won-sang’s performance was also important, as he persevered despite injuries both large and small. Eom Won-sang happily expressed his thoughts about winning and his determination for the remainder of the season.

[The Q&A interview with Eom Won-sang below]

Q. How I felt about winning

A. I was a little nervous before winning. Today, as we were confirmed to win early, my brothers and coach’s expressions brightened and I feel good. It is difficult to maintain first place. There were many difficult moments, but we overcame them well as a team. I would like to attach great significance to the result of winning the championship.

Q. Winning the Asian Games and winning the K-League

A. The Asian Games created a team in a short period of time. It was a dramatic experience to win with players I didn’t know. This league championship had a much better atmosphere than last year. I was very happy that many fans came to the game where the championship could be confirmed.

Q. Evaluation of myself in 2023

A. My personal performance is very disappointing. But we’re doing really well as a team, so I feel really good about that. I am grateful that I was able to win thanks to the good work of my colleagues.

Q. Ups and downs

A. We won a lot at the beginning of the season. However, the players were greatly discouraged as they were repeatedly unable to score points. Although the middle of the season was difficult, it’s good to be able to laugh at the end.

Q. Ankle injury

A. Rather than overcoming it on my own, I was able to do it because my brothers and doctors who were with me took great care of me and gave me good treatment. During my injury, the coach told me, ‘You can slow down a little.’ I worked hard to return quickly and the coach was very considerate.

Q. The remaining season’s East Coast derby (November 12) and Hyundai Derby (December 3)

A. There are still rivalries left. Since both games are played at home, many fans will come to visit. I will not be complacent about winning and will do my best to prepare.

Q. Of the two derbies, if you were to pick a game you definitely want to catch,

A. Personally, I would like to catch the East Coast derby. They are competing with Pohang Steelers for the rankings, and their home team, Gwangju FC, is chasing them. I received a congratulatory message from my friends earlier and said I would catch Pohang. I will do my best to help Gwangju rise to second place.

Q. My best friend Seol Young-woo

A. He is a very business-oriented friend (laughs). I think I had a hard time with Youngwoo this year (Seol). Youngwoo went to the Asian Games with the pressure of being a wild card. He said it was quite a burden. Even if I helped, I couldn’t hug everything. I felt sorry for Youngwoo, but he was such an excellent friend that I overcame it well. Thanks to Youngwoo, we were able to win the Asian Games and the league. I won’t say it directly, but I will take this opportunity to say thank you.토스카지노 주소


A. The goal you set while preparing for the season was to win the league and achieve high results in the ACL. Since I achieved my first goal quickly, I will prepare well for my second goal.

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