“I will never give up.” Handwritten letters from Suwon players, will miracles come true… Fate’s 3G All-out War Pledge

The Suwon players made a promise to their fans, who have been supporting them through the tough times. Each player carefully left a handwritten note.

Suwon’s chances of staying in the K League 1 faded further. The gap between them and their ‘rivals’ Gangwon FC has widened. The day before (Nov. 11), Gangwon won 1-0 against Daejeon Hana Citizen. Gangwon’s ace Kim Dae-won scored the winning goal. It was bad news for Suwon. Looking at the standings, 12th-place Suwon has six wins, eight draws, and 21 losses (26 points). Eleventh-ranked Gangwon added a win and is now at 5 wins, 15 draws, and 16 losses (30 points).굿모닝토토 주소

Two to three games remain. Suwon has to play three games and Gangwon has to play two. Suwon has played one less game than Gangwon. It’s a real cliffhanger now. If Suwon can’t close the gap in their remaining games, they’ll finish last and be directly relegated. Suwon’s chances of staying up aren’t completely gone, but it’s a tough situation.

It’s important to take advantage of the games in front of them. Suwon will face Suwon FC at the Suwon Sports Complex on the 12th. However, it’s a tough schedule. Not only do they have to face their rivals on the road, but Suwon FC will be in full force given their situation. Suwon FC is in 10th place in the league (32 points) and is not immune from relegation. They will be looking for a win in Suwon.

They are completely outclassed. Suwon have met Suwon FC three times this year, losing all three times. They are also 2-8 in their last 10 head-to-head matches. In many ways, Suwon will be under pressure. Even if they manage to get through this, the remaining two games will be hard-fought. Both opponents are tough. Suwon will play FC Seoul in a ‘Super Match’ on May 25. On the 2nd of next month, they will face Gangwon in an ‘endgame’.

Despite the bleak situation, Suwon’s players conveyed their sincerity to their fans. They promised not to give up until the end to stay in the top division. On October 11, Suwon announced on social media, “On October 29 against Daejeon Hana Citizens, the support messages written by fans were delivered to the team. The players replied with a postcard expressing their gratitude for the fans’ generous support and their belief that they will never give up. ‘Thank you. We will never give up,'” said the Suwon players, introducing the handwritten note.

Suwon veteran Kim Bo-kyung said, “What surprised me the most in Suwon was the fans’ passionate support and love for the team. This year, we disappointed them a lot, but I know their support and hope, so I will never give up until the end. As a Suwon Samsung player, I apologize and thank you,” he wrote. Striker Ahn Byung-jun also wrote, “Thank you for your support and I will do my best to repay the fans for their love and passion. I will play hard to stay.”

Midfielder Han Seok-jong wrote, “I am very encouraged and grateful to the fans who are still showing so much support, concern, and encouragement at this moment. I promise to be a Suwon Samsung that never gives up so that we can overcome together and have a warm winter this winter.”

Jeon Jin-woo, a former member of Suwon’s youth team Matango, said, “I’ve never taken the weight of the Suwon emblem lightly. I’m really sorry that we didn’t do so well this season after so much support. With a few games left in the season, I will never give up and put everything into it. I promise to stay,” he said.

All that remains are three fateful games. All eyes will be on Suwon to see if they can pull off a miracle and write an emotional retention drama.

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