The man who refused KRW 570.5 billion, saying, “Yankees and Boston are very aggressive,” ends up breaking up with Kim Ha-sung…this winter

Recently, there were reports in the U.S. media that San Diego general manager A.J. Preller wants to keep Soto, who turned down a $440 million contract from the Washington Nationals in 2022, until next summer’s trade deadline. The Dodgers will be left with a huge power void if Soto leaves the club.굿모닝토토 주소

However, MLB Network’s David Wassegg dismissed that notion on Sept. 19. “I think he’s going to be traded. The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are very aggressive behind the scenes. They’re looking for really good major leaguers and minor leaguers,” he said.

Crucially, Waseg reminds us that San Diego made a $50 million loan in September. U.S. media outlets believe this has a lot to do with San Diego’s return to payroll-cutting this offseason. It’s hard to match the needs of Soto, who will make $33 million next year and is sure to command at least $300-400 million in free agency in 2024-2025.

If San Diego wants to trade Soto, it’s better to do it now than at the trade deadline. At the trade deadline, there are buyers and sellers, but at this point, most teams are sellers, and if Soto struggles in the first half of next year, his value could drop. For San Diego, it’s a win-win situation in many ways. Soto has done his job this season.

As Sports Illustrated’s San Diego Fan Nation’s Inside the Padres wrote, “San Diego would be wise to trade Soto this offseason. With one year left on his contract, his value won’t be as high next year as it is now. Holding on to him until the trade deadline would mean risking injury or a slump.”

Soto/Getty Images Korea

Inside the Padres also pointed out that San Diego hasn’t made a long-term plan for its finances. “San Diego doesn’t appear to be willing to make the financial commitment necessary to keep him long-term. Trading him is the best option. San Diego realizes they are a better team with Soto, but they have no choice but to be diligent this winter,” he said.

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