“I want to be a coach like a friend.” SSG Landers 9th coach Lee Sung-yong

“I want to have fun and be friends with the players” SSG Landers’ new head coach Lee Sung-yong was inaugurated as the ninth head coach of SSG.굿모닝토토 도메인

The inauguration ceremony for SSG Landers head coach Lee Sung-yong was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Songdo, Incheon on Nov. 21. Player representatives Kim Kwang-hyun, Choi Jung, Noh Kyung-eun, and Oh Tae-gon attended the ceremony, as well as representatives Min Kyung-sam and Lee Sung-yong to congratulate the new head coach. Lee smiled brightly in his SSG uniform. He also posed for the ‘L Ceremony’ with the players and shouted a cheer,

SSG signed Lee for a two-year contract with a signing bonus of 300 million won and annual compensation of 300 million won, for a total of 900 million won.

Lee began his professional career with the Pacific Dolphins in 1994, when he was drafted with the second overall pick. He played 18 seasons until 2011, amassing 1,727 hits, 162 home runs, 857 RBIs, and a career batting average of 2.081. His one-hit power made him a team fixture and his strong charismatic leadership during his playing days helped guide younger players.

After retiring from the game, he continued to gain experience in professional baseball as a commentator, coach, general manager, and director of player development.

From 2019-21, he was in charge of the KT Wiz as the team’s general manager. He became the sixth baseball player in KBO history to serve as both manager and general manager. He is also the first person to be appointed as a manager after serving as a general manager.

As the new head coach of the SSG Landers, Lee will be taking on a new challenge with his new team after an inauguration ceremony.

Lee has a total of four Korean Series experience in his professional career. He started his professional career with the Incheon-based Pacific Dolphins, and although the team’s parent organization changed, he continued his career with the Hyundai Unicorns and Heroes, playing with the same teammates until his retirement.

When asked about his jersey number 71, Lee said that he chose to wear his birth year as his jersey number because he was born in 71 and wanted to start fresh.

He said he wants to be like a close older brother to the players and a friend. Lee will be able to fulfill his new dream as a head coach in his second hometown of Incheon, where he started his playing career.

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