Maybe this weekend, the Direct relegation team could be confirmed ‘virtually’…What is the fate of Suwon Samsung?

The outcome of the 37th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 on Friday could effectively determine who will be relegated to the direct second division this season.

All eyes will be on Seoul World Cup Stadium. The bottom-ranked Suwon Samsung will host rival FC Seoul at 4:30 p.m. today. At the same time, Gangwon FC hosts Suwon FC at home.

There’s only one scenario in which the relegation battle is all but decided. Suwon needs to lose to Seoul and Gangwon needs to beat Suwon FC. Currently, Suwon is in 12th place with 29 points, which is the bottom of the table. Gangwon is one point ahead in 11th place with 30 points. If Gangwon adds three points and Suwon fails to win, the gap between the two teams will be four points. Suwon and Gangwon will meet in the final match of Round 38, and regardless of the outcome, Suwon will not be able to overturn the deficit.

Suwon’s chase for Suwon FC is also not easy. If Suwon FC loses to Gangwon, they will be stuck at 32 points, but they currently have a nine-goal advantage in goal difference. Even if Suwon wins the final game and Suwon FC loses to tie on points, it would be virtually impossible to overturn. This is where relegation becomes a reality.

Suwon hasn’t won a single game against Seoul this season. They have failed to take a point from Seoul in three matches. It’s a rivalry of words, but based on recent history, Suwon doesn’t fare well against Seoul. Even last season, Suwon fell behind Seoul with one win, one draw and two losses.토토사이트

Suwon hasn’t been relegated since the inception of the promotion system. They were once one of the top teams in the league. The team has won four K League titles. They have a big crowd. Even though their attendance dropped off last season, they still averaged 11,069 home fans per game this year. The team has one of the largest supporters in the K League, so they are well supported.

Their recent performance hasn’t lived up to their reputation. The team hasn’t been able to reach the championship for several years. Last year, they finished in 10th place and barely made it to the promotion playoffs.

After staying in the top flight last season, Suwon vowed to make changes, but things only got worse. The team remained in the bottom half of the table for the entire season, leading to the departure of two coaches, Lee Byung-geun and Kim Byung-soo. It got to the point where Yeom Ki-hoon, who was wearing the player’s title, took over as acting head coach. With a clumsy administration and no vision from the secretariat, the team is now at a point where they have to worry about relegation.

They need points to turn things around. If Suwon wins the Super Match, they can take their hopes of staying up to the final game. If Suwon wins and Gangwon loses or draws, the positions of the two teams will be reversed.

Seoul can avoid relegation in this round with at least a draw. If Suwon FC beats Gangwon, Suwon and Gangwon will have the same number of points. In that case, we need to look at goal difference, which is 34 for Suwon and 28 for Gangwon. If Suwon draws with Gangwon FC, they can maintain their one-point lead and hope for an upset in the final match.

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