“Four losses and 15 runs in the group league.” Manchester United added a shameful record again this time… “The most lost team in the group league ever in PL.”

A miserable record piles up. Manchester United have broken the record for most group stage goals conceded by a Premier League club.

Manchester United lost 0-1 to Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League Group A sixth-leg match of the 2023-2024 season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, at 5 a.m. ET on 13 June.랭크카지노

The result leaves United bottom of the group with four points (W1 D1 L4) after picking up just one win in the group stage, denying them a place in the knockout stages and a place in the UEFA Europa League.

United looked to turn things around in their final group game, but it was not to be. After conceding possession to Munich, the Red Devils looked for an equaliser but were unable to find it, conceding to Kingsley Coman in the 25th minute.

United were expected to make it through the group stages of the Champions League this time around, being drawn in a group with Munich, FC Copenhagen and Galatasaray SK, but they failed to live up to expectations and finished bottom of the group.

Worse still, United conceded 15 goals in six games while scoring 12.

“United have conceded 15 goals in the Champions League group stages this season, the most conceded by a Premier League side in a single group stage of the competition,” football statistics firm Optazo announced on its official social media after the game.

The Red Devils are set for another humiliating campaign in 2023-2024.Earlier, United lost 0-1 to Newcastle United on 3 March in the 14th round of the league. This was United’s third consecutive defeat against Newcastle, following the 29th round of the league last season (0-2) and the League Cup round of 16 on the 2nd of this month (0-3), and it has been 101 years since United lost to Newcastle three times in a row, dating back to 1922. This is the United of the 2023-2024 season, with a miserable record not only in England but also in Europe.

After the game, United legend Rio Ferdinand said, “United played a very experienced and confident Munich side. They had a strong squad. In a game of this calibre, if you give up too early, you will be punished. United should have been more balanced in their play.”

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