“You have to be photographed to create a sense of challenge”… Director Kim Do-kyun and Seoul E-Land, who are in a “new environment,” meet

“I wanted to whip myself in a new environment, a new atmosphere.”

After four years with Suwon FC, Kim Do-gyun is starting a new chapter with a ‘challenging spirit’.

Kim Do-gyun has ended his four-year association with Suwon FC. “Coach Kim Do-gyun, who created the miraculous stay-up drama, has ended his stay with the team at the end of the 2023 season,” Suwon FC announced on Wednesday.

Kim stepped down after leading the club to a dramatic K League 1 retention this season. Kim felt stagnant at the helm of Suwon FC. Especially last season. He signed a two-year contract extension in the middle of the 2022 season, which runs through 2024, but he was eager for a new challenge.월카지노

That’s where Seoul Eland came in. Seoul Eland was founded in 2014. Several managers have taken the helm, but the team has been a long way from ‘promotion’. In 2015, the team finished fourth in the K League 2 and reached the semi-postseason.

They needed someone with ‘promotion experience’ like Kim. Kim is a proven coach who took the helm of Suwon FC in 2019 and led the team to promotion to the K League 1 within one season. Seoul E-Land wanted him to build a team that could challenge for promotion, not just push for it, but a team that could have hope for promotion.

Coach Kim, who has been fighting a particularly tough battle this season, was also hungry for a ‘challenge’ and made up his mind after the promotion PO ended on the 9th.

“It’s a beautiful farewell. He brought his own color to the team with his gentle leadership.

In 2021, just one season after their promotion, the team finished fourth in the K League 1. They also reached their first ever Final A (1-6), the best result in the club’s history. They played their signature attacking style of soccer. For his efforts, Kim was nominated for four K League 1 Coach of the Year awards for the 2021 season. In 2022, the team failed to qualify for the Final A, but ended the season in seventh place, the highest position in the Final B (7th-12th).

The season was a bit of a struggle, but the finish was a great one. They fell into the relegation zone and had to play a nail-biting match to reach the Promotion PO. In the second game of the promotion PO against Busan I-Park, which was played after a 1-2 loss in the first game, the team conceded the first goal, but scored a whopping five goals to lead a “dramatic stay” with a total of 6-4 in the first and second games.

“I actually wanted to quit after last season, but I re-signed. The timing was right, but as I struggled this season, I thought, ‘I need to organize. I wanted to take on a new challenge, and the timing was right. I thought this was a team that could challenge.”

“I want to whip myself in a new environment and atmosphere,” he said. “I’ve been stagnant for a while, and I want to do something new. I want to do it with renewed motivation. Suwon FC stayed up this season, but I reflected a lot. The second division is not easy, but we have to show a changed team,” he said, adding, “I look forward to playing the ‘Seoul Derby’ (FC Seoul-Seoul Eland) one day.”

Kim terminated his contract with Suwon FC on the 12th and will meet with Seoul Eland for the last time on the 14th.

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