After a ‘shock loss’, players have a ‘Christmas party at Night’ → Coach Yongin… The management who invested 1 billion pounds said it would be a ‘disaster’ → reorganize the players…

Chelsea of ​​the English Premier League shockingly lost 0-2 in the away game against Everton held at Goodison Park on the 10th. Since Everton had been deducted 10 points from the league, Chelsea was expected to win.랭크카지노

However, Chelsea scored first with Docoure’s first goal in the 9th minute of the second half and Dobbin’s collar goal in added time of the second half. We lost a shock 0-2 to Everton.

But something even more shocking happened. Despite the players losing, he reportedly enjoyed a Christmas party at a nightclub. Of course, the manager approved this, but the management invested 1 billion pounds, but the falling performance was so disappointing that it was described as a ‘disaster’, and they were sharpening their swords to reorganize the team, but the players had a good night regardless.

The Sun reported that Chelsea players enjoyed a Christmas party at a luxurious Mayfair restaurant and nightclub after their recent humiliating loss to Evanston.

Chelsea local time. They played against Everton at 2pm on the 10th. They then moved to London, had dinner, and held a Christmas party.

This event appears to have been planned. According to reports, captain Reece James planned a ‘social gathering’ to unite the team. He told manager Mauracio Pochettino about his plans and received approval. Perhaps James also found the Everton game a bit easy.

The game took place on Sunday, and the next game is Sheffield United a week later on the 17th, so the time after the Everton game was probably designated as ‘D-Day’. It is assumed.

According to the article, Chelsea players moved directly from Liverpool, where Everton is located, to the Mayfair Hotel. We had dinner at a restaurant at the famous Global Hotel in London.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino felt there was no need to cancel his Christmas celebrations despite the disappointing loss to Everton, Anron said. reported. So, he ‘blessed’ the players to hold a celebration event with peace of mind.

Pochettino believes that what happens inside the stadium and what happens outside it are separate. He says players need to meet up to socialize outside of the stadium. Media reports suggest that Pochettino was positive about the players’ partying late at night as he believes such gatherings are an important aspect of team cohesion.

The players who finished dinner at this upscale restaurant We went to a nightclub in Soho. This club is also famous in Soho. This is a place that sportsmen and celebrities visit when they visit London. Meanwhile, celebrities who frequently visit this club include professional wrestler and influencer Logan Paul, former track and field sprint star Usain Bolt, pop singer Sakura, and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s current situation is not easy. Coach Pochettino wants to recruit a striker during the winter transfer window in January. It is known that they are pursuing the signing of Naples’ Victor Osimhen and Brentford’s Ivan Toni.

However, the board of directors, who have already invested 1 billion pounds in the players, said the team was a ‘disaster’ last season. It is said that they are currently planning a new strategy after recognizing that they have been through ‘.

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