Only Niigata votes for and against the J-League’s Autumn Festival, 52 votes for and against… 10 billion yen

The full results of the J-League’s Chuungeon Festival referendum are in. A whopping 52 of the 60 Japanese J-League clubs voted in favor. Only one team, Alex Niigata, voted against it.

On Thursday, the J-League Secretariat held a working committee meeting in Tokyo with 60 clubs to vote on whether or not to implement the festival starting in the summer of 2026. According to Dospoweb, 52 of the 60 teams voted in favor of the festival, while seven teams voted to take more time to consider it, with only Alex Niigata voting against it.월카지노

Niigata was reportedly vehemently opposed to the proposal during the voting meeting. According to Japanese media outlet Sportichi, President Yukio Nakano was quoted as saying, “When it snows, people can’t get out of their homes,” implying that the league would not be able to play in snowy conditions due to practical issues, not just mental ones.

In any case, the J-League will finalize the passage of the festival at its board meeting on April 19. The organization is also said to be working on various support measures to help the system take hold. The league will provide a hefty subsidy of about 10 billion yen ($90.8 billion) to help teams get through the winter season. However, the money will not be distributed equally among the 60 teams, which could create new problems.

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