This is Choo Shin-soo’s dignity, retirement, donation, fan service, and a wonderful farewell of Korean legend

This is the class of the Choo Choo Train. SSG Landers’ Shin-soo Choo is going out in style.헤라카지노

The SSG Landers announced on Thursday that Shin-soo Choo has decided to retire from active play after the 2024 season.

Shin-soo Choo said through the organization, “During the off-season, I thought a lot about it with my family. Every time I did, I remembered SSG, the fans’ support, and most importantly, the junior players. I felt that I loved baseball and the team so much that I thought about my future with the club.”

He continued, “Both the club and the new manager needed me and respected my opinion. Next year’s performance is important, but I would like to contribute to the team by training with the junior players in the Future Team at any time depending on the team situation and sharing my experiences and thoughts.”

From his decision to retire, to the minimum salary, to donating his entire salary, to fan service, to appointing a captain to lead the team, Choo Shin-soo has drawn a perfect chain of events for a beautiful exit. The minimum salary in the KBO is 30 million won. It’s certainly not a lot of money for a player with the name Choo Shin-soo. However, SSG, the team he played for in South Korea, decided to take a significant pay cut to help them meet the salary cap and to help run the team.

Choo Shin-soo’s salary this season was 1.7 billion won. With the announcement of the minimum salary, he was cut by a whopping 1.67 billion won. This is the second-largest pay cut in KBO history. The first is Lee Dae-ho, Choo’s best friend, who was cut by 1.7 billion won from 2.5 billion won in 2020 to 800 million won in 2021, which is the highest salary cut in KBO history.

SSG said, “Shin-soo Choo’s minimum salary is a deep consideration for the club’s team management, and the club is very grateful for it. Thanks to this, the club can expand the scope of its operations in the areas of salary cap, player salary, and free agency.”

Choo Shin-soo also decided to make a donation. Previously, Park Chan-ho, who signed with the Hanwha Eagles in December 2011, made a similar donation of 600 million won, including a guaranteed amount of 400 million won and an option of 200 million won, to the amaeba development fund after receiving the lowest salary of 24 million won at the time. SSG said, “Choo Shin-soo has expressed his intention to donate the amount of his minimum salary. The club also decided to join the donation to add meaning to the player’s sincere actions.”

Previously, Shin-soo Choo voluntarily reduced his salary of 2.7 billion won to 1.7 billion won this year during the pre-season contract process. In addition, Choo Shin-soo organized and delivered various fan services to SSG to repay the love and support of fans during his retirement season. He plans to give autographed jerseys and hold special signing sessions during the season to say goodbye to fans. “It’s time to put the finishing touches on my 23-year baseball career,” said Shin-soo Choo. “As it’s my last season, I want to thank the fans for their support and give them meaningful memories regardless of whether they are home or away.”

This isn’t the first time Shin-Soo Choo has given back. During his Major League career, he donated a large sum of money to the baseball team of Chungju Sacred Heart School, a special school for the deaf. When he signed with SSG in 2021, he immediately donated 1 billion won ($2.7 million) of his annual salary, as well as donations to his Busan alma mater and an amateur baseball team in SSG’s Incheon affiliate, and gave baseball equipment to the team’s younger players. In addition to his annual donations to disaster victims and local communities, as well as his support for the rehabilitation of paraplegic martial artist Ma Dong-hyun, Chu Shin-soo’s total public donations over the past three years have reached 2.4 billion won.

Among them, Chu Shin-soo’s “Dream Landing” project was the most prominent good deed. It was a project in which he actively wished for children to land safely on their dreams. The Dream Landing Project began with the delivery of a baseball scholarship to his alma mater, followed by the Dream Ballpark Project, which supports the expansion of training infrastructure for youth baseball players in Incheon, and the Dream Study Room Project, which supports the improvement of the learning environment for underprivileged children in Incheon.

“Ever since I was in the United States, I wanted to create better environments and opportunities for children, who are the future leaders,” said Choo. “It was difficult to do this while living in another country, but when I came to the KBO this year, I decided to make a donation.”

He also said, “My alma mater helped me become who I am today. I want to provide a foothold for the growth of my alma mater’s juniors,” he said. “I also hope to help create an environment where children in Incheon, where the team is based, can exercise and study to their heart’s content.” The Dream Landing project has been a success and has been praised for providing practical help to aspiring baseball players. Shin-soo Choo has always been at the forefront of Korean baseball and the community.

He will wear the captain’s armband next season, as per the wishes of new manager Lee Sung-yong. Lee reportedly asked Shin-soo for the captaincy, saying, “Shin-soo not only has a wealth of experience and leadership, but also has a lot of respect from the players.”

Shin-soo Choo’s retirement came at a cost. SSG is looking to repeat its wire-to-wire championship glory, and the “Choo Choo Train” is preparing to say an intense goodbye to the fans who have supported them.

Meanwhile, Shin-Soo Choo played 1,652 games in the major leagues, batting .275 (1,671 hits in 6,087 at-bats) with 218 home runs, 782 RBIs, and 157 stolen bases.

In three years in the KBO, Choo is batting .260 (1,252-for-325) with 49 home runs and 168 RBIs in 361 games. He needs just four more hits next season to reach the 2,000-hit mark in the Korean Baseball Organization.

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