Duggar Recruit 900,000 SSG Re-signs 1.5 Million, Elias $1 Million…External Composition Completed in 2024

SSG Landers re-signed Guillermo Heredia (32) and Roenis Elias (35) to complete the formation of foreign players.

SSG announced on Monday that it has renewed contracts with foreign hitter Eredia for a total of 1.5 million U.S. dollars (down payment of 150,000 dollars, annual salary of 1.15 million dollars, option of 200,000 dollars) and with foreign pitcher Elias for a total of 1 million dollars (down payment of 100,000 dollars, annual salary of 650,000 and option of 250,000 dollars). As a result, SSG has completed the composition of foreign players for 24 seasons with Robert Duggar (total of 900,000 dollars), who it newly recruited on April 28.월카지노

Heredia played 122 games in the 23rd season and ranked high in various batting indicators, including 153 hits (8th in the league), a batting average of 0.323 (5th in the league), 12 home runs, 76 RBIs and 0.846 OPS (10th in the league), and displayed outstanding performances as a central hitter for his team. He also proved his best skills in outfield defense by winning 10 Bodhisattvas (No. 1 in the league) and the outfielder category in the KBO defense award.

Elias is a left-hander who was hired as a substitute on May 4. He contributed to his team’s advance to the postseason with 131.1 innings in 22 games, 8-6 losses, 3.70 ERA and 93 strikeouts. In particular, Elias was the team’s main starting pitcher in the second half of the year, consistently playing more than six innings per game, showing excellent stamina and game management.

SSG Landers Roenis Elias. / Courtesy of SSG Landers

SSG sought to renew the contract, judging that the two foreign players had successfully adapted to the team and Korean life based on their excellent work skills as well as their excellent work skills.

After signing the contract, Eredia said, “I feel great to be with SSG next year. I’m happy to see my beloved Korean fans again, and I’ll prepare well with the players from spring camp so that the team can win next season.” Elias also said, “I still vividly remember the fans who cheered for me and my family last year. I’m happy to sign with SSG again, and I’ll do my best to help the team win the championship with my team members.”

Meanwhile, foreign players who have completed their contracts will join the Florida spring camp scheduled for February next year.

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