Samsung Infield Gummy Hands Will Rise! McKinnon, ‘New Family’ Turns out to be a goalkeeper-turned-first baseman

David McKinnon, a foreign hitter who became a new member of the Samsung Lions, has a unique history of his career. McKinnon, who signed a contract with Samsung for 1 million U.S. dollars (down payment of 100,000 dollars and annual salary of 900,000 dollars), is a right-handed corner infielder who is 188 centimeters tall, weighs 90 kilograms and has excellent physique.헤라카지노

Making his big league debut last year, McKinnon played for the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics, and only posted a batting average of 140,000 (7 hits in 50 at-bats) with six RBIs and two runs scored. He played in 357 games in the Minor League, posting a batting average of 294 with 36 homers, 210 RBIs, 212 runs and 0.875 OPS.

He played for the Seibu Lions of the Japanese pro baseball in this season. He recorded 17 homers, 53 RBIs and 53 runs scored in 127 games with a batting average of 259 (or 120 hits in 464 times at bat). “As a right-handed hitter with good batting skills and excellent contact skills, McKinnon has the advantage of being able to secure stable first-base defense and third-base defense,” the team said.

“Based on his sincere training attitude and Japanese baseball experience, he is expected to quickly adapt to the KBO League,” he said, adding, “We expect McCannon’s joining to secure diversity in infield management and further strengthen the center batting line.”

He is not the only one who excels in offense. His solid first base defense is superb. When he was in college, he played soccer as the goalie. He displayed outstanding skills with 166 saves in 55 games. UZR 6.5, one of the key defense indicators, boasts one of the best defense capabilities in the league, as it ranks first in the Pacific League’s first baseman category.

UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) is a record that shows how wide a defensive range has been prevented by dividing the ground into several areas and giving weight to each ball.

Recently, the number of outstanding left-handed hitters has increased, and the first base is sometimes called the “New Hot Corner.” This means that the importance of first base defense has increased.

Coach Park Jin-man, who was nicknamed “national shortstop” when he was an active player, also emphasized the importance of first base defense. “I used to be an infielder, but having a reliable first baseman gives me psychological stability,” he said. If there is a first baseman who excels in defense when throwing a ball to first base after catching it, he can throw it out as long as he catches it.

“From a young infielder’s point of view, I feel more relaxed. That’s huge. I don’t rush, I have more time, and I have more confidence when I play,” he added.

Coach Park Jin-man also received a lot of help from first baseman clean-up players, including Kim Kyung-gi and Lee Soo-yong. “I also saw a lot of effect. If I throw the ball somehow, I catch everything, which makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed in the game. He has good defense capability and physique, so he didn’t feel any pressure when throwing the ball to first base,” he said.

The addition of goalkeeper-turned slugger McKinnon is expected to be of great help to the team’s strength in both offense and defense.

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