Triple-homer-hit, hit-hit, unfortunately missed cycling hit… “Second Jung Soo-bin” caught the eye of the national batter

Jeon Da-min (22) of Youngdong University in Gangneung recently imprinted his name on many baseball fans.

He had four hits in the baseball entertainment program “The Greatest Baseball” against the “The Greatest Monsters,” a team mainly composed of retired professional baseball players. He garnered high expectations for “Hit for the Cycle” with a triple, a home run, and a hit. He did not hit a double at the last minute, but he added one hit, drawing keen attention amid his four-hit performance.

This is not the first time that Jeon Da-min made his name known. In June, he was also named MVP when he hit a tying triple at second base with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning when he was losing 5-6 in the Hanwha Eagles’ “High School VS College All-Star Game.”헤라카지노

After graduating from Seorak High School, he went to Gangneung Yeongdong University and is a “military outfielder” who even solved military service while serving in the military.

With a batting average of 388 percent and 29 stolen bases in this year’s college baseball league, Doosan raised expectations for Jeon Da-min’s name in the sixth round (ranked 52nd overall). When the team recruited Jeon, Doosan also expected that he would be the next best player to Chung.

Although he clearly made his presence known in the entertainment program, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop was also closely watching Jeon Da-min in the closing camp ahead of the program’s airing.

Lee, who spent his first year as a head coach with Doosan this season, cited finding “young outfielders” as one of the offseason and spring camp tasks.

Their assignments for this season were similar, too. They needed players who could hit a single spot in right field, and Kim In-tae, Kim Dae-geun, Kim Tae-hwan, Yang Chan-yeol, Cho Su-haeng, and Hong Sung-ho received opportunities, but none of them were firmly established.

Coach Lee also pointed out that “the growth of young fielders has not been achieved as much as I thought” as one of the most regrettable parts after the season was over.

Against this backdrop, Jeon is drawing keen attention as he is one of the players who will instill tension in the outfield. “He is a faster player than I expected. His swing is not bad either,” Lee said.

Doosan has renewed its contract with Jose Rojas, a foreign hitter that it played for last year, and is looking for a new fielder. The top priority is to recruit a foreign outfielder who boasts defense and attack capabilities. It is almost impossible to find an outfielder who has excellent defense capabilities while hitting 30 to 40 home runs in the market. At least, Doosan wants a player who can contribute to its batting lineup.

When it comes to outfielders’ resources, they could be overflowing with energy. However, Lee highly values rookie Jeon Da-min’s competitive edge.

“He has a lot of outfielders in his team, but he is a player who can play as a backup. I think our outfielders will become stronger if we compete with existing players,” Lee said.

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