“Invest in the players.” Thanks to Lee Jung-hoo, Kiwoom, the “last in salary cap” with 24.5 billion times, will the salary negotiation be warm

“Humiliation of the last place in the salary cap.” Kiwoom, Lee Jung-hoo, may have given rise to annual salary.

Lee Jung-hoo, who entered the Major League after a successful seven seasons with the Kiwoom Heroes, has been held by the San Francisco Giants for a six-year total of $113 million (about 147 billion won). Both Korea and the United States are paying keen attention to San Francisco’s new leadoff.헤라카지노

Kiwoom is also happy. Thanks to Lee Jung-hoo, I made a huge amount of money. According to the posting system procedure, Kiwoom’s compensation from San Francisco was set at $18.825 million. It is a huge amount of about 24.5 billion won. Half of the money will be deposited within two weeks. It will be paid in three installments within the next 12 months and 18 months.

Lee Jung-hoo, who returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 19th after completing the joining ceremony for San Francisco, said, “It would be a good thing for the club. He is still taking good care of the players, but I hope he will invest more in them.”

Coincidentally, the salary cap status of 10 KBO League clubs was announced on Tuesday, a day after Lee Jung-hoo made the remarks. The KBO announced on Tuesday the total amount of the top 40 salary players for each club in 2023. KBO introduced the salary cap system from 2023 for upward leveling of the league’s performance and continuing development. The upper limit of salary cap has been confirmed at 11.4 billion won (10.24 million U.S. dollars), which is 120 percent of the club’s annual average amount, which is the sum of the top 40 players in each club’s annual salary excluding foreign players and rookies (annual average down payment for FA) from 2021 to 2022.

All 10 teams were able to keep the record. What is notable is that Kiwoom is overwhelmingly last with 6.452 billion won spent. It left 4.97438 billion won compared to the upper limit. Compared to Doosan Bears (11.18 billion won), which spent the most money, the gap is huge.

There are no high-priced FA players and many young players, but this result cannot have a good effect on the morale of the players. It is obvious that the club saves money without spending it. Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hoo paid the club a huge operating cost, so players in the midst of salary negotiations can dream of a “long-shot future.” Expectations are bound to arise.

Starting with Kang Jung-ho, Kiwoom sent Park Byung-ho, Kim Ha-sung, and Lee Jung-hoo to the Major League and received a large amount of compensation. It has sent four players over the past 10 years, totaling 42.2 million dollars in 2015. It has earned a whopping 55 billion won, and used it for team salaries and team operating expenses.

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