Jeonbuk Is Back in Front of ‘Changes and Innovations’ in Management Leadership Change

On the 20th, Hyundai Motor Group carried out executive personnel appointments in the second half of 2023. A total of 252 people were promoted. It is evaluated that it put ‘performanceism’ along with ‘generational change’. In particular, it is analyzed that it contains a message that it invests in talented people who take the lead in ‘change’ and ‘innovation’ for the group’s future business transformation.랭크카지노

Indeed, massive personnel appointments also affect Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, a professional soccer team whose status has been shaken by its lack of ties for the first time in 10 years. Exquisitely, Lee Do-hyun, the team’s general manager who took office last month, will take over the de facto general responsibility of the team. Heo Byung-gil, a full-time CEO who took office in November 2019, will work until the middle of next week and leave the team.

When CEO Huh was appointed, Jeonbuk introduced him as an expert in communication and marketing with customers, saying, “I joined Hyundai Motor in 1987 and went through the head of sales promotion and regional headquarters.”

Usually, a CEO is appointed as an honorary position, and the general manager is responsible for the club’s living. Surprisingly, there was a question as to whether Jeonbuk could succeed as it copied the system of full-time CEO and Sang-geun, which Suwon Samsung failed due to controversy over the creation of its position, calling it “Ok Sang-ok (屋 above 屋).”

Still, it is also true that there were high expectations that CEO Huh would properly transplant the management law he had experienced in the group to the club as an executive director to make the management of the sports club more effective. This is because the title of marketing expert and the ability to communicate with the group while working full-time were also given weight.

Former general manager Lee Chul-geun, who led the club for a long time, also played a role in the past when he brought the results with the distribution, “If necessary, I will go directly to the headquarters in Yangjae-dong.” In addition, expectations were naturally attached in that there were cases such as former Suwon General Manager Lee Seok-myung or current Ulsan Hyundai CEO Kim Kwang-guk, who led the club well and was applauded by fans “at least” even though they did not know the soccer world well.

Evaluations were sharply divided. Huh put rational management first and demanded that the front office perform various tasks, saying it needs multiple players. He appointed Park Ji-sung as a technical director. His intention was not bad. “It seems that he leaves the team after making them at least understand what is given to each front office and how the planned expenses are paid accordingly,” Huh said. “We also established a rational organization of the team through Park Ji-sung.”

However, it was regrettable that the team failed to win the hearts of its fans, one of the most important elements in the composition of professional sports, in the course of implementing the policy. Throughout the year, the fans repeatedly shouted “Get out of the way!” at the stadium. It may have been a shock that thousands or tens of thousands of people criticized Heo at the same time, calling his name. When asked if he felt unfair or sad, Heo declined to comment. “I left at a time when I felt like I got to know a little about the management of the team. I think his successor, Lee Do-hyun, will be good to him. I think communication with the headquarters will be very important,” he said, stressing instead.

Lee, who has to work twice as hard when Heo left, served as secretary-general of Hyundai Mobis’ foreign interpreter and public relations team in Ulsan. He also served as planning director and secretary-general of the Korea Archery Association, which Chairman Chung Eui-sun cares about. Lee already prepared strategies and plans for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics before coming to North Jeolla Province. It is said that the archery team prepared a resting place five minutes away from the Eiffel Tower Square in Paris, which will be used as an archery range.

Lee is said to have spent a hectic time as he was appointed to Jeonbuk on October 30. He was busy studying soccer players, met people from his hometown, Jeonju, and North Jeolla Province. He also came to watch the proceedings of the 2023-24 AFC Champions League (ACL) away from Hong Kong against the Kichi Dragons on April 29. When I met him there, Lee expressed his surprise, saying, “I feel like I have a lot of work going on. I don’t even know how a month has passed.”

There are three major tasks ahead of Lee, who has a long way to go. In the K League 1, he will bring the title that he gave to Ulsan Hyundai for the second consecutive year. When the Jeonbuk Dynasty was held, the team was splendid. Recruitment of the right players is essential to strengthen the team’s integrity and see the future. Endless communication is needed with director Park Ji-sung and the power-enhancing team. At least, foreign players have gained room to organize traffic and make efforts for domestic players.

“Foreign players have decided whether to renew their contracts as soon as the season is over. All they have to do is recruit good players. Domestic players try to take time and work hard enough. It’s a break, but we are also having conversations with players who need contracts,” a Jeonbuk official said.

Jeonbuk needs to regain its status as the best team in Asia. When it plays in the ACL, it has communicated with each other through various methods, regardless of the size of the rival team. There were quite a few Asian teams that came for field trips to learn Jeonbuk. Although the ACL was cut off due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), as the ACL expanded to include ACLE and ACL 2, more and more teams are aiming for “Asia” beyond their own leagues, which is one of the natural reasons for the exchange. Despite being tied to Southeast Asia, the goal setting of Johor Tarul Takjim (Malaysia), Buriram United (Thailand), and Kitchens is to be set as goals of Johor Tarul Thakjim (Malaysia)

What do you think from the outside? “On the premise that I don’t know the situation of Jeonbuk, I hope the team will set up a system to play in the ACLE next year,” said B, who asked not to be identified. ACL 2 does not seem to suit Jeonbuk. Jeonbuk has led the K-League for more than 10 years along with Ulsan and Hyundai. I heard that it had frequent exchanges with overseas clubs including Japan and the UAE. It seems necessary to restore such channels of exchange.”

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