“924 billion.” Ohtani, the perfect man who gives me goosebumps… The reason why young Koreans are so into it

There is a young man. There is a young man who looks like a tall, handsome young man, has a kind smile, beautiful personality, and excellent baseball skills. If such a young man exists, not just in a drama or movie, parents of women’s food (女息) would be thrilled.

It’s a story about Shohei Ohtani. His appearance on the base after hitting a home run makes viewers happy. Ohtani, who showed up to sports news one day with a fastball that a batter couldn’t move and another day with a home run that easily crossed the fence, broke our guard and came in without any resistance.

The highest ransom of 924 billion won, transferred to LA Dodgers

What surprised us about Ohtani was the astronomical 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract he received when he moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Dec. 10. The ransom article, which is said to be higher than the Baeknokdam in Halla Mountain when it is piled up with 50,000 won bills, shows how Shohei Ohtani is being consumed. However, if you look closely, Ohtani’s existence is too close to be treated as one of Korea’s overseas topics.

In Korea, Ohtani must be an attractive MLB player who creates a calm stir, if not a syndrome. Was there a Japanese person who was as favorable as Ohtani in the past? Certainly, the sentiment of the Republic of Korea toward Ohtani is different from that of Ichiro Suzuki. If Ichiro was a hateful personality because he was trapped in the awkward persona of a samurai, Ohtani approaches him as a sincere and upright young man. Apart from this nationalistic prism, however, there is something unique about Ohtani that attracts people. What is the attraction of this question? This question is no different from asking what our perception is projected on Ohtani. In other words, it means that we can read our society through our eyes on Ohtani. Our eyes that are not enthusiastic but joyfully watching young people in neighboring countries! What is projected there.

These days, when an unrealistically perfect character appears in reality, it is called “man-torn man.” It can be understood as an abbreviation for “a man who tore apart a cartoon,” and Ohtani exists for this word. The perfection that shows not only as a baseball player but also as a human being, such as appearance, personality, mentality, effort, sincerity, self-management, and skills, is exactly what “man-torn man” means.월카지노

Among them, the most surprising factor would be “二刀類” that doubles as a pitcher and a batter. In a modern society where the division of labor is completely divided, the combination of a pitcher and a batter is a reckless challenge, and Ohtani’s ability to overwhelm both sides is anachronistic in a paradoxical sense. The news that he unanimously won the American League MVP award in 2023 shows a loose storyline of the cartoon. The scene where he won four batting titles with on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, and home run ranking is too contrived and fictional to be considered as a cartoon. The only thing that gave the story the possibility was his elbow injury, which resulted in his staying at 10 wins as a pitcher.

The physical excellence of hitting 10 wins and 40 home runs a year as a pitcher in the Major League Baseball is nothing more than a paving stone for Ohtani’s perfect character of mind and self-control. “Mandarat” (a square figure with goals and specific details) cannot feel realistic as it is replaced by obvious moral textbook teachings that his perfection is the result of plans and constant practical efforts to reach goals, not God’s ability. His words, “Picking up trash is picking up luck that passed by first” are so ethical that it gives me goosebumps. This element of the fragmentary story further strengthens unrealistic reality by causing chemical reactions with Ohtani’s pure appearance.

“Picking up trash is good luck.” The memorandum, too

Ohtani’s attention and affection differ from Son Heung-min’s. If the prism of nationalism is embedded in our view of Son Heung-min, Ohtani has an aesthetic praise hidden. In other words, if Son Heung-min smells a little of Gukppong, Ohtani has the pleasure of aesthetics of looking at a beautiful young man.

Then, why do we see Ohtani as a beautiful young man? It is because it is based on the negative image of the beautiful reality of the youth in our reality. Young people in our country cannot live their lives aesthetically. When Ohtani completed Mandarat in his first year of high school, our young people learn the skills to find the correct answer in the area of language and mathematics. Even when you become a college student, your aesthetic life does not belong to you. You have to build specifications, resent your white parents, or earn school fees from a part-time job. Life like this breathtaking circuit does not change even after becoming a member of society. All citizens, not young people, watch it together. The low birth rate may be the result of young people’s last choice to live aesthetically.

The reason why Ohtani looks beautiful is that the portrait of a dark Korean youth is projected into the most colorful and perfect foreign youth. Ohtani’s gaze can be said to be a moment of overlapping himself in an unrealistic “meeting” because he doesn’t want to be defeated by a set result that can’t be expected to turn around a home run. The fact that Ohtani visited us in the gloomy time of the pandemic gives this kind of psychology possibility.

Gone are the days when outstanding individuals lead a community. There is no hero to lead and no public to lead. That’s why I fall in love with Avengers and Marvel series. Heroes of this era are not the saviors of history, but rather the ones who can fulfill the hardships of everyday life.

In March of next year, the ‘Meet Man’ will come to Korea.

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