Promoted to Suwon, Kim Ki-dong ♥ Seoul wrote down the wishes of K-League fans… hoping for a warm impression once again

The exhibition “THE UNIVERSE,” which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the K-League, opened at Yeongdeungpo Art Square in Seoul on Tuesday. The exhibition, which runs until Jan. 31 next year, compares the K-League to the universe. It contains stories of many events and characters that took place over a long period of time. The exhibition is divided into 12 themes, ranging from “Eunha,” where the trophy of the K-League’s history is displayed, to “Prospection,” which describes the present day of the K-League. The event also features the history of each club, coaches and players who have shone in the K-League.랭크카지노

Soccer fans reminisced about the 40-year history of the K-League. A soccer fan who visited the exhibition said, “The first game I saw was at the exhibition. It’s touching.”

It was the 2023 season that marked the 40th anniversary of the K-League. Every moment of this year was also a drama. Ulsan HDC won its first K-League 1 title for two consecutive years. Gwangju FC’s great performance surprised everyone, and Daegu FC legend Lee Keun-ho left the ground. Suwon Samsung, a prestigious professional team, suffered a demotion to the secondary league. Besides that, soccer fans cried and laughed at each story.

After passing through all the exhibition’s themes, there is a section where long sheets of paper are placed before leaving the door. It is a place where soccer fans freely write and express their feelings. Soccer fans wrote, “Let’s go to Suwon promotion in 2024” and “Kim Ki-dong ♥ FC Seoul.” We hoped for another impression in the new year of 2024.

Suwon ranked the bottom (12th) in the 2023 season in the league. It was demoted to the second division for the first time in the team’s history. The team competed to remain in the league until the end of the season to no avail. Players bowed their heads. It was a disappointing year for Suwon fans as well. However, Suwon fans will continue to carry their cheering tools and head to Big Bird next year. “When I was an elementary school student, there were many free tickets. That’s how I came to watch soccer matches and became a fan of the Big Bird atmosphere, which became full at Super Match,” Cho Kyu-bong, a 13-year Suwon fan, said, expressing his trust that Suwon will rise again although it is difficult recently.

Another prestigious Seoul club has also had an eventful year, with the resignation of its coach Ahn Ik-soo and failure to advance to the Final A. It aims for revival next year. Kim Ki-dong, a renowned Korean football coach who represents the K-League, has taken the helm. Choi Seung-bin, an 18-year-old high school fan of Seoul, said, “The first soccer club I saw when I was young was Seoul. I was attracted to Seoul as it won the game at the time. I liked Park Chu-young (Ulsan HD) and now I like Cho Young-wook the most. I hope Seoul gets good results next year.” Moon Chan-hong, a 17-year-old friend who came with him, also sent support to Seoul.

“Daegu doesn’t have much history compared to other teams. I hope it fills more exhibitions,” said Kim Geun-young, a 30-year-old fan of the K-League and a fan of Daegu FC. The civic team Daegu FC has confidently become a strong team. It has played in the Asian Champions League and joined the Final A this year as well. Above all, it boasts the fervor of Daegu fans. “I fell in love with the cheering spirit of Daegu fans,” Kim Geun-young said.

Ha Hyun-ji (30), who is a Daegu fan and visited the exhibition with Kim Geun-young, said, “In the future

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