Seoul EP Baseball Manager Ahn said, “I will raise it better than Lee Soon-cheol Kim Tae-up.”

“I want you to live the rest of your life. I’ll make you do better than your grandchildren, Lee Soon-cheol and Kim Tae-up.”

At the “2023 Seoul EP Baseball Club (formerly Eunpyeong BC) Graduation Ceremony and Year-end Party” held in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul on the 16th, Ahn Gye-jang (75) was appointed as the head coach of the under-18 team (high ministry). Immediately after taking the helm, Ahn has been delivering news to MHN Sports once more. He said he wanted to show a sense of responsibility that he should nurture players who are as old as his son’s while competing with coaches at a considerable age.헤라카지노

Manager Ahn Gye-jang was full of confidence when he met with this reporter again. He has been in the baseball industry for more than 50 years, has served as a manager several times, and has served as the founding team, but no other team has seen his blood boil as much as this year. Although recruiting more players for the EP Baseball Club since middle school days has continued to play in high school and stand out. Ace Nam Gung-chan, infielder Song Joon-seo, and Kim Min-jae are still in their second year next year, and catcher Kwon Ye-joon, who will debut in high school, will play as the starting lineup next season. Ahn is proud just to see them.

“When I was at Jeonnam High School, I remembered when I founded a baseball team. At that time, the baseball team started when Lee Soon-cheol and Kim Tae-up were selected, and now they are better than Lee Soon-cheol and Kim Tae-up at that time.”

In fact, they were talented people who have received quite a lot of attention since middle school. They have a common denominator that they are able to do both two-baseball and fast feet. In the end, only when these players are the main players, they can revive the EP Baseball High School next season. Nevertheless, more players are needed to lead next season more stably.

“I hope there will be more players who don’t perform as well as I thought or who need to change something in their baseball lives. I hope this will be a change in baseball’s life. Next year, we plan to change everything from one to ten, starting with the team’s name. Please keep an eye on it.”

What worries Ahn most, however, is his physical condition. The key was whether Ahn, who is in his late 70s, would be able to play a full season. However, Ahn told the public that he must write this story, conveying one story.

“I wasn’t feeling well anyway, but I got a lot better after going to Janggok Park Golf Club in front of my house. It’s been a while since I exercised. I don’t think I’ll have a problem playing a season. I don’t know anything else, but please write this story (laughs).”

Manager Ahn Gye-jang is a veteran who has always shown that “age is just a number.” He is also striving to study baseball for players in China and overseas, and he has displayed outstanding abilities in discovering talented but not given opportunities across the country. Coach Ahn, who founded the baseball team when he was a biology teacher at Chonnam National High School, discovered not only Lee Soon-cheol and Kim Tae-up, but also Song Ji-hong and Lee Byung-hoon when he was the head coach of his alma mater Seonlin Sanggo (currently Seonlin High School). While serving as the head coach of Bae Jae-jae, he helped Noh grow, and during his tenure as the head coach of Hwimoon High School, he produced numerous talents including slugger Park Chung-hyuk, Ryu Taek-hyun, Jeon Hyeong-do, and Lim Seon-dong.

Ahn is taking on another challenge at a time when he has accomplished so many achievements and has already taken a sabbatical. Another key point to watch is to see how this challenge will shine next season.

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