The Asian Cup list at CGV Yongsan? … Coach Klinsmann announced the final list on the 28th

The announcement of the players participating in the Asian Cup will be held at CGV Yongsan, not at the soccer center. In addition, it is expected that various re-announcement of the Asian Cup, including the controversy over residents’ regulations, will be shared here.

The list of 26 Taegeuk Warriors who will challenge for the first time in 64 years at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup, which opens in January next year, will be revealed on Dec. 28. There are only five days left.랭크카지노

The Korea Football Association announced on the 21st that it will hold a ceremony to announce the final roster for the AFC Qatar Asian Cup at the Yongsan CGV on the 28th. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will announce the final 26 entries and announce the background of the selection of players and their preparation plans for the tournament.

In particular, Joo Min-kyu, who was the top scorer in the K League 1 this season, failed to make the domestic call-up list announced on the 18th, and attention is also being paid to why coach Klinsmann did not visit Joo Min-kyu.

Even when striker Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City), who is suspected of committing sexual activity, failed to wear the national flag until his allegations are resolved, Clinton ignored the residents’ regulations. This has caused a huge controversy. However, Clinton seems to be drawing a line, saying that selecting players is the coach’s own authority.

At the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar from the 13th of next month, Klinsmann, who will be hunting for the first championship in 64 years since the second tournament in 1960, will hold an indoor convocation training session mainly for domestic players from the 26th to the 31st. He will leave for Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, on the 2nd of next month and continue his local adaptation training for about a week before entering Qatar, the site of the final match, on the 10th.

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