Ohtani-Yamamoto, who is heating up the MLB Stove League, celebrates a new start? Meet Beverly Hills

Shohei Ohtani (29) and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), who play together for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Major League Baseball (MLB), encountered each other in the United States.랭크카지노

MLB.COM reported on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) that Ohtani and Yamamoto, who heated up the MLB stove league this winter, met at their new team’s hometown and shared a meal. He told Beverly Hills, a famous restaurant run by Chef Matsuhisa Novuyuki, that they ate together and took commemorative photos.

The two players wore Dodgers uniforms one after another in December. Ohtani agreed on the 11th to a total of 700 million dollars (a 10-year period). Yamamoto, the representative pitcher of the Japanese league, announced the contract with the Dodgers on the 22nd for a 12-year period, a total of $325 million, and the highest amount of posting (closed competitive bidding). The total amount exceeded the contract (nine years, a total of $324 million) between Garrett Cole, who broke the previous MLB free agent record, and the New York Yankees.

Ohtani reportedly persuaded Yamamoto, who is agonizing over his future career after joining the Dodgers. Ohtani reportedly will receive only 20 million dollars of his contract over the next 10 years and 680 million dollars later. This is the device that he proposed first so that the Dodgers would not have financial difficulties in strengthening its power. As such, he has revealed his strong will to rise to the top of the MLB. He made efforts to work with Yamamoto, the best pitcher in the Japanese league. MLB Network John Morosi said, “I hoped Yamamoto would join Ohtani.”

The two players led Japan to the championship at the World Baseball Classic held in March. They apparently celebrated together after the contract was signed. MLB.COM said that the two players already moved to build a bond.

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