“I’ll consider a multi-year contract.” 1+1 year? 2 years? Tigers Living Legend. “V12” Will it be possible to achieve my wish on a good day

How long will Choi continue to be accompanied by Kia Tigers and “living legend” Choi Hyung-woo? Choi, whose second contract period as an FA ended, wants to join the “V12” by joining the Tigers until he is twilight of his career. Kia plans to consider giving Choi a multi-year contract.월카지노

Ahead of the 2017 season, Choi moved to KIA and opened the 10 billion era (a total of 10 billion won for four years) for the first time as a KBO League FA. Four years later, Choi signed his second FA contract with a total of 4.7 billion won for three years ahead of the 2021 season.

Choi had a hard time in the 2021 season (batting average of 0.233/87 hits/ 12 home runs/ 55 RBIs) and the 2022 season (batting average of 0.264/120 hits/ 14 home runs/ 71 RBIs). However, Choi has successfully rebounded in the 2023 season. Choi played 121 games in the 2023 season and hit hard with a batting average of 0.302/130 hits/ 17 home runs/ 81 RBIs/ on-base percentage of 0.487.

However, an unexpected injury at the end of the season held him back. Choi tripped over the foot of his opponent, first baseman Park Byung-ho, during a base run against KT WIZ in Gwangju on Sept. 24. Choi, who immediately hit his shoulder as he put his weight on the ground, was replaced as he complained of great pain.

“Choi Hyung-woo will undergo clavicle fixation without further examination,” the Kia Tigers officially announced his departure from the season by saying, “The diagnosis is left clavicle crushing fracture and clavicle joint injury. It will take about four months before rehabilitation.”

Choi Hyung-woo suffered an unfortunate injury at the end of the second FA contract termination season, but he still has a strong will to extend his active duty.

In an interview with MK Sports early in the season, Choi strongly expressed his willingness to extend his mandatory military service. “I am thinking about retirement every day, but I want to play baseball until I can. I don’t even have a prior art retirement plan. What comes out is not important. If the club needs me, I will keep playing baseball. I will just accept whatever the result comes out. Even if I do well, if the club says so, I will stop doing it neatly. Even if I do poorly, I can continue playing if the club says so,” he stressed.

Choi also has a firm goal of winning the title at the end of his twilight years. That’s why it’s such a shame to let go of his bat right now. This is why Choi should be there on a “good day” he will celebrate with his juniors.

“Of course, I want to win. But don’t all veterans talk about winning in interviews? I don’t talk about it because it’s boring, but I want to win again at the end. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Rather than talking about winning, I hope the team consistently goes up to the top and experiences the postseason more often with my juniors. As those experiences accumulate, it becomes a huge fortune for the juniors and the team they will lead. If that happens, a good day will come later. I hope I can be there on that good day.”

Naturally, the KIA team is planning to accompany Choi in the 2024 season. On top of that, the team seems to be drawing a picture of joining Choi through the 2025 season by proposing a multi-year contract. It is expected to sign a two-year or one-plus-one-year contract.

“We want to respect Choi’s Tigers royalty. We are considering a multi-year contract not only through the 2024 season but also through the 2025 season. If the contract is made in a one-plus-year format, I think it is possible as long as he proves his health after rehabilitation. No agreement has been reached yet, and discussions should continue in January,” said an official from Kia.

I wonder if Choi Hyung-woo will be able to approach a good day called “V12” with his juniors in the 2024 and 2025 seasons with a multi-year contract.

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