Kang Jung-ho’s school failed… Talent and Dinosaurs Paying Attention to the U.S. Shall we shine on 22-year-old shortstop’s “One Year of Patience”

Son Ah-seop, 36, the batting champion of the NC Dinos, also looked sad. He decided to take Kang Jung-ho School for two consecutive years, and tried to take Kim Joo-won with him this time. He was nicknamed “Francisco Lindor of Korea” at last year’s Tucson Spring Camp.헤라카지노

As a result, Kim’s participation in Kang Jung-ho School fell through. Son seems to have a personal situation. Son will move to LA in mid-January and join Park Se-hyuk (34). Since it is not necessary to receive guidance from a private coach during a non-active period, Kim can faithfully spend a non-active period and join the Tucson camp in February.

Kim Ju-won has already entered his fourth year. Attention is also focusing on the level of performance he will show in this season, not to mention the NC Dinosaurs. Many said that he has clearly seen his skills improve throughout the Hangzhou Asian Games, postseason and Asian Professional Baseball Championship. The pressing issue is how those invaluable experiences will be condensed and expressed in the 2024 season.

Kim was 94 at-bats for 403 with a batting average of 0.233, 10 homers, 54 RBIs, 56 runs scored, and 15 stolen bases in 127 games in the 2023 season. He made 30 errors. He became the main shortstop during the 2022 season, and played full-time shortstop for the first time in the 2023 season.

The performance is regrettable considering his talent. As he did not have the know-how to spend full time, it was noticeable that his performance dropped sharply after the middle of the season. Nevertheless, coach Kang In-kwon didn’t budge once and kept Kim Joo-won as the starting pitcher. I thought about whether to remove him at least once, but I strongly raised him.

Of course, he made a ridiculous mistake in the first inning of the game against Hanwha in Changwon on June 24, and was replaced immediately. Excluding that much, however, he pitched full innings almost every game with no exception. His intention was to lay the foundation for his growth through extreme circumstances and diverse experiences.

He has strong talent as well. Along with Kim Do-young (21, KIA Tigers), Kim has strong athletic ability. Notably, as a switch hitter, Kim has the power and skills to garner homeruns in both at-bats. He has the ability to steal bases and strong shoulders. The U.S. FanGraph cited young players who could advance to the Major League in the future late last year, and Kim was also mentioned.

If there is no injury this year, and if he plays full-time again, his performance is expected to improve. It can be said that he already laid the groundwork for his rebound last fall. There will be some feelings while shooting good results this year, and confidence can increase. And after this season, the Premier 12 awaits. He can also confidently aim for the main shortstop for the national team.

Will manager Kang In-kwon’s one-year patience shine this year? Not only NC but also Korean baseball pay attention to Kim Joo-won.

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