‘Posting accepted’ LG sends Ko Woo-suk to MLB… ‘Leaving for the U.S. today.’

LG said on the 3rd, “Ko Woo-suk recently received an offer from Major League Baseball (MLB) according to the posting system (closed competitive bidding) process, and LG decided to send it to the team that sent the offer in respect of the player’s intention. In response, Ko Woo-suk left for the U.S. today to proceed with the contract, including a medical test.”마카오토토도메인

John Hayman of the New York Post said earlier in the day that Korean right-handed pitcher Ko Woo-suk is set to sign a contract with the San Diego Padres. Ko had been knocking on the door of the Major League Baseball (MLB) through posting this winter with the understanding of the LG Twins. The posting will close on the morning of April 4, but suddenly, his trip to San Diego surfaced. San Diego is a team in the National League West where Korean batter Kim Ha-sung plays. Combining Hayman’s public confidence and the LG Twins’ announcement, his trip to San Diego is virtually confirmed.

Ko Woo-suk is the best closing pitcher in the KBO League. He was called “Post Oh Seung-hwan,” and became the youngest player in the league to achieve 40 saves (24 years, one month and 21 days), becoming the first relief pitcher (42 saves). He showed ups and downs this season due to minor injuries, but helped his team win the Korean Series. His season record is 3-8 with 15 saves with an ERA of 3.68 (44 innings). His overall record in the KBO League is 19 wins, 26 losses, 139 saves with an ERA of 3.18 in 354 games.

The key was the cost of posting. After accepting Ko’s posting, Cha Myung-seok, LG’s general manager, said, “When the amount of posting money comes out, we will coordinate with the players. We can’t send it to you for hundreds of thousands of dollars.” However, the variable is that Ko will be released as a free agent after the 2024 season and he has strong will to play overseas. If he moves overseas to the FA, he will not receive any compensation from the original team, which is why posting was considered a realistic method.

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