The batting god was fair… When I analyzed Son Ah-seop’s hit log

It was consistent. It was as fair as if it were carrying out a “tank review policy.”

The “hitting king” is hardly likely to be criticized. This is a podium after analyzing the batting log of NC Dinos’ Son Ah-seop (36), who won two titles in batting in the 2023 KBO League.헤라카지노

It was not only a day of the week, but also a month, type of pitcher, and out count. It was so steady that there was only one figure that stood out. It was particularly strong against LG, which won the unified championship for the first time in 29 years. On the other hand, it was weak against the 2022 champion SSG Landers.

Son has played in 140 games this season. With 187 hits, Son has a batting average of 0.339. He ranks first in number of hits in total. On a monthly basis, Son did not garner all the hits. Instead, he performed consistently every month. There was no slump for a “hitting king.”

He displayed consistent play in matches against nine teams, excluding his affiliated team. However, he was particularly strong against LG. He posted a batting average of 0.469 in 16 matches. In contrast, he posted the batting average in the 10 percent range for SSG. He played in 15 matches, posting a batting average of 0.158. He had 30 matches against LG, and only nine against SSG.

Interestingly, the team garnered three hits against “Ace” Kim Kwang-hyun at the game against SSG, which was weak. It gave two hits to McCarty, and one to Elias, Seo Jin-yong, Lee Hae-woo, and Song Young-jin, respectively. LG, which was strong, was not picky about pitchers. It garnered three hits each from starting pitchers Choi Won-tae, Lee Jung-yong, and Lim Chan-gyu. It also garnered two hits each from the team that needs to win. It deserves to be called “LG killer.”

He did his best, whether he had runners or not. He had a batting average of 0.325 (112 hits in 345 times at bat) when there were no runners, and a batting average of 0.364 (75 hits in 206 times at bat) when there were runners. He had a batting average of 0.339 (39 hits in 115 times at bat) in scoring capacity. Notably, he had a batting average of 0.636 (7 hits in 11 times at bat) when runners were at the second and third bases, which enabled him to be the batter with a strong chance. He has a strong image of leadoff, but has displayed clutch capability comparable to that of the center fielder.

Ryu’s batting average was 0.339 against right-handed pitchers, 0.324 against left-handed pitchers and 0.393 against under-handed pitchers, respectively.

Outcounting was not a factor in hindrance, either. He hit 0.331 with no outs, and posted 0.374 in one out. He continued to rage at 0.319, even after two outs. He also had 69 shots on the left, 58 in the middle and 60 on the right, demonstrating the reason he dreamed of entering the Major League. This proved by the distribution of hits.

Son Ah-seop’s “second heyday” has just begun. Son was born in 1988, and he was born in the year of the dragon. Attention is focusing on whether the 2024 season will also be Son’s year.

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