“First → First → First” The blue-eyed ace who wrote about the history of the Samsung club and threw 11375 pitches failed to reach an agreement. “Four years of companionship is over.”

He has parted ways with David Buchanan, 34, who marked a milestone in the history of foreigners for the Samsung Lions. His relationship with Buchanan, who served as a mood maker in the dugout and mentor for Samsung pitchers, ended in four years.

Wearing Samsung’s uniform in 2020, Buchanan wrote the club’s history outside the club. He always had the nickname “the first team ever.” With 16 wins in the 2021 season, he broke the record of most wins by a single season among Samsung’s foreign pitchers. He became the first foreign player to achieve 10 wins for three consecutive seasons with 11 wins in 2022.헤라카지노

This is not the end. He renewed his contract with the team for the 2023 season and won the title of four years, the longest-serving foreign player in the team. He also led the Samsung mound with 12 wins and a 2.54 ERA. He recorded a total of 54 wins, 28 losses and a 3.02 ERA in 699 ⅔ innings in 113 games in the KBO League.

His performance was not just good. His walk-esque performance on and off the field was superb. He felt a strong sense of responsibility that he had to play long innings in every game. Excluding the 2022 season, he played more than 170 innings in all games. By far, he pitched the most. He threw a whopping 11,375 pitches during the four seasons.

He also served as a mentor to young players. In particular, Won Tae-in, a native Samsung ace, received a lot of help during the season with Buchanan. Buchanan’s advice allowed him to establish his own routine. And that led to his good performance.

Outside the stadium, he claims to be the mood maker of the dugout. On days when he does not take the mound, he cheers louder than anyone else. It was Buchanan who came out faster than anyone else to give a high-five when a pitcher finished the inning well or at the end of the inning due to heavy rain.

Furthermore, he made KBO League fans happy. That was the case in last year’s All-Star Game. He played well in the All-Star Game.

She danced to the song “Half Boy” by the girl group New Jinx, and during cleaning time, she transformed into the main character of the movie “Top Gun,” admiring fans at Sajik Stadium.

David Buchanan during the 2023 All-Star Game./My Daily

The highlight was Buchanan (Beucan + Otani). Buchanan, who came out to right field in the eighth inning and caught Oh Ji-hwan’s ball in front of the fence, took the batter’s box with two outs in the ninth inning. Then, he hit Ko Woo-suk’s 150-km fastball to make a timely hit. Everyone at Sajik Stadium was surprised. Unfortunately, he did not win the Best Performance Award, but he showed off his outstanding performance.

Samsung naturally wants to catch Buchanan who showed such good behavior both inside and outside the stadium. That’s why Samsung tried to get him as the highest treatment for foreigners. The team continued negotiations by banking on a multi-year contract card, but the deal ultimately fell through. Buchanan reportedly started negotiations after receiving an offer from his Major League team.

And Samsung officially announced the signing of Denny Reyes, a total of $800,000.

With this, Buchanan’s company, which played as an ace with blue eyes with Samsung, ended like this.

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