“Can’t you trade him?” Rumor’s regular customer… Should the league’s potential, SSG infield be filled

There are only a few trades within the KBO league in a year, but there are quite a few trade discussions about moving and falling under the water. In some cases, it stops at the level of inquiries, and in others, it goes wrong while matching cards.헤라카지노

The most talked about trade rumors surrounding SSG is infielder Ahn Sang-hyun (27). In recent years, many trade rumors involving SSG included Ahn’s name. This reality may represent the current situation surrounding Ahn. The first is that Ahn has irresistible charm and potential that rival teams often want. It is not a bad thing. However, it could be proof that Ahn has not clearly established a position within his team. Ahn is constantly stopped somewhere in between.

Since his time at Yongma High School, he has had high expectations as an infielder with natural sense. He was also a member of the youth national team. His nomination process was relatively smooth, as he received SK’s second and third round (26th overall) nomination in 2016. The team had high expectations. The team had high hopes for its growth from shortstop or second baseman to key player. However, he has never really met those expectations since joining the team.

It was a series of times that did not go well. Both Yeom Kyung-yeop and Kim Won-hyung recently paid attention to Ahn’s potential, but their performances were not enough to lead to his settlement in the main league. He also joined the main league in the middle of the season last year, showing off his potential, but it was regrettable that the tempo was cut off due to serious injury with a broken finger. Looking back on 2023, Ahn said, “The previous trend was not bad, but I think it went down to the baseline. I rushed to rehabilitate quickly because I wanted to do well (in the main league). I think I couldn’t relax as my finger was broken.”

As he could not take a position in the primary league for a long time, he changed and changed many things himself. While serving in the military at the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu), Ahn showed strong batting performance, raising expectations that he would finally be able to do it. However, when he actually joined the primary league, he went back to square one. “At that time, it was a second-tier game. I think I had more confidence than the primary league. However, since I couldn’t do the same thing after being discharged from the military, I thought, “This won’t work in the primary league,” so I calmly looked back on the past. While he was wandering, rather than wandering, Ahn is now in his mid-20s. He is old enough to be called a prospect any more.

Ahn Sang-hyun knows this, too. Ahn used the word “last” for 2024. “I’m so determined that this could be the real last,” Ahn said. This season is so desperate for myself. Fortunately, opportunities are open. Choi Joo-hwan, the team’s main second baseman, was transferred in the second draft. The starting lineup is empty. Although there are other players, including Kim Sung-hyun and Choi Jun-woo, it has become a competition worth a try.

The mood is not bad. Promising results were coming out from the Kagoshima camp, which took place in November. There were other young players, but the Futures League’s coaching staff picked Ahn as the MVP of the camp. “I never thought about it,” Ahn scratched his head. However, he must have been awarded the prize because he saw something in the eyes of the coaching staff. “I thought a lot from the batting performance. I changed the feel rather than the form significantly. It was good in its own way. I think it was a good camp.”

Ahn is warming up the cold winter season with sweat, thinking that if he misses this opportunity, he may never have another chance. He also comes back after completing training that he has to do on the weekends. He is focusing more on not only physical strength but also technical skills. In January, he is carrying out all training sessions steadily, except for defense training that is limited due to circumstances. He is committed to running as fast as he can from the start of the Florida camp in February. Training with a clear sense of goal will increase efficiency.

Expectations for Ahn Sang-hyun are still high within the club. Rather, there is a feeling that he has grown bigger than the past three years. Even as a backup, he continued to be in the first team and gained a lot of experience. Ahn himself even complimented himself, “I think he has definitely improved in the timing of stealing and judging the situation.” He still has flashes of qualities that make things sometimes impossible in both ball and move. Moreover, in the era of pitch clock, the value of a fast-footed player like Ahn Sang-hyun increases even more. SSG believes that it has an advantage in double play because of its fast speed of pulling out the ball.

Coincidentally, the heads of SSG have watched Ahn Sang-hyun trade discussions. Lee Soo-yong, the head coach, was at KT, and Kim Jae-hyun, the general manager, was impressed with Ahn Sang-hyun’s possibility since he was at LG. That’s why the first impression is inevitable. Now, Ahn Sang-hyun remains to grab the flow and the water. It’s not easy, but only then can SSG’s infield gain new energy.

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