Jeonnam Recruitment of ‘Veteran Defender’ Kim Yong-hwan, “Jeonnam, which made its professional debut… I will not give up and play.”

Jeonnam Dragons (hereinafter referred to as Jeonnam) recruited veteran K-League side defender Kim Yong-hwan (FA).

Kim Yong-hwan, who debuted as a pro at Incheon in 2014, is an 11th-year veteran K-League side defender who played in 184 K-League games while playing for Pohang and Gimcheon Sangmu (military service). Both left and right, Kim contributes to his team’s score through bold overlap and crosses based on his best strengths, speed and physical strength. In addition, Kim can play the role of a wing forward, and expects him to diversify South Jeolla Province’s tactical options.랭크카지노

Kim Yong-hwan, who joined Jeonnam, said, “I made my professional debut at Jeonnam Dragons’ home stadium,” adding, “I feel new to join Jeonnam and I will not give up on the ground until the team wins.”

After completing her medical test, Kim immediately started preparing for her winter training camp. South Jeolla Province will conduct its three-week winter training camp in Bangkok, Thailand, from Jan. 8.

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