It’s the first time I’ve ever been like Ryu Hyun-jin, going to Japan as an FA, but training with Hanwha juniors remains the same, there’s no hurry

It is the first time that “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin, 37, has entered the New Year as an FA. He does not know where he will play in the new season, but as he has done in every winter, he continues to take the younger teammates of the pro-Korean Eagles to overseas markets.

Ryu Hyun-jin moved to Okinawa, Japan on the 8th. Leaving Korea, where cold weather is raging in the middle of winter, he speeds up preparation for the season under the mild climate of Okinawa, the southernmost part of Japan. Hanwha juniors will be with Ryu Hyun-jin again this time. Nam Ji-min and Kim Ki-jung joined Jang Min-jae, who played with Ryu Hyun-jin during the Hanwha era. In addition, another Hanwha pitcher, Lee Tae-yang, pairs up with Lee Min-woo and meets Ryu Hyun-jin in Okinawa.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who first started off-season Okinawa camp with Jang Min-jae ahead of the 2016 season, moved to Okinawa in early January and spent the winter with Hanwha juniors, except for marriage, the COVID-19 pandemic and injury rehabilitation.

Jang Min-jae, Kim Min-woo in 2017, Jang Min-jae, Lee Tae-yang in 2019, Jang Min-jae in 2020, and Jinyoung Kim shared a mini camp in Okinawa. They moved to Jeju Island between 2021 and 2022, when Japan’s foreigners were restricted from entering the country due to COVID-19. Jang Min-jae, Jinyoung Kim, and Kim Ki-tak were training members for Hanwha. Lee Tae-yang, then a member of SSG, also worked together for Ryu Hyun-jin’s camp and prepared for the season.

Jang Min-jae, who is Ryu’s training partner every winter, said, “It is not easy to provide financial support every year no matter how much money you have. I am always grateful to Hyunjin.”

It is the first time in Ryu’s baseball career that his team has yet to be determined. Having entered the Major League after posting a six-year, 36 million-dollar contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers after the 2012 season, Ryu accepted the Dodgers’ one-year, 17.9 million-dollar qualifying offer early on after finishing the 2018 season.

After the 2019 season, Ryu Hyun-jin, who came out as a free agent, completed the contract before the year passed. On Dec. 28 (Korea time), he officially signed a four-year, 80 million-dollar contract with the Toronto Blue Jays, receiving the most special treatment. He entered the new year in 2020 as Toronto’s ace, but four years have passed since then.

He became an FA again, but the situation is different from four years ago. He used to be an A-class starting pitcher, but is now in his mid-30s, and his market value is not the same as before. Still, he has proven himself as a veteran starting pitcher with 10 seasons of experience in the Major League. As the entire league suffers from a shortage of pitchers due to increased number of injured players following the arrest revolution, the market value of starting pitchers has increased even more.헤라카지노

He is expected to receive an average of 10 million dollars per year through short-term contracts. Among the top 30 FA starters, there are Michael Waka (Kansas City Royals, two-year, 32 million dollars), Sean Manaea (New York Mets, two-year, 28 million dollars), Kenta Maeda (Detroit Tigers, two-year, 24 million dollars), Frankie Montas (Cincinnati Reds, 16 million dollars), Luis Severino (New York Mets, 13 million dollars), Kyle Gibson (St. Louis Cardinals, 13 million dollars), Lance Lynn (St. Louis, 11 million dollars per year), Wade Miley ( Milwaukee Brewers, 8.5 million dollars), and Martin Perez (Pittsburgh Pirates, 8 million dollars). Ryu Hyun-jin is expected to receive similar treatment.

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