After taking three days off from the offseason, he went to Daejeon Stadium, Choi In-ho said, “I’m not young anymore… I want to play full-time and play fall baseball.”

After participating in the Miyazaki Education League and the Miyazaki Autumn Camp in Japan, he returned to Korea on Nov. 26. He took a week off from work and has been stamping his stamp on going to Daejeon Baseball Stadium since Dec. 4. He comes to work at 9:30 a.m. to complete four hours of training and leaves work in the afternoon. Off-season is not a break period for professional baseball players, but a time for preparation.헤라카지노

Choi In-ho (24), Hanwha Eagles outfielder, joined the main league in August last year after being discharged from the military. He played 41 games in the second half of the year with a batting average of 298 with 39 hits, two homers and 11 RBIs. He vitalized the batting order and the outfield, which had ups and downs. Choi Won-ho, who had observed Choi since he was a rookie, said he was a highly talented player even when he was a rookie.

The fifth-year professional season after completing his mandatory military service. His mindset is inevitably different.

“Before going to the army, let’s not give up and do it,” Choi In-ho told reporters at Daejeon Baseball Stadium on Tuesday. “If I can’t, I can join the military. I played baseball comfortably.”

As a professional player, it is time to see the result. “I am not a rookie anymore, nor am I young. I think I should prepare well for the season and do well in baseball,” he said. This year, the season will start completely.

Choi In-ho, a graduate of Pohang Steel High School, joined the team as a sixth-round pick in the second round of the 2020 rookie draft.

Like any other player, the goal is to play the season without injury. I want to play full-time and I want to play fall baseball.”

I personally did not set a grand goal.

“I don’t think I showed you everything I have last year. But I won’t be greedy. I will learn a lot and prepare well while doing the same as I always do,” he said.

Outfielder Choi In-ho. The batting is good, but the defense is unfortunate. The player himself is well aware of this. No matter how good the batting is, the defense must be supported to make it competitive.

“I trained a lot from the fall camp to make up for my shortcomings. I will do my best so that my teammates can watch it comfortably when the ball comes to me.”

Choi In-ho is waiting for the Australian spring camp.

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