Gyeongnam FC said, “This year, the first division must be promoted.”

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Gyeongnam FC, a professional soccer team under coach Park Dong-hyuk, has set up a team and started to harden it in preparation for this season.랭크카지노도메인

This year, we recruited experienced and foreign players to achieve our dream of promotion to the first division.


Gyeongnam FC reached the K League 2 playoffs last season, but was frustrated at the first division promotion threshold.

I changed my coach for the first time in four years to challenge my dream again for the fourth consecutive year.

Park Dong-hyuk, the new coach who stood in front of his fans about a month after taking office, promised to be promoted to the first division.

[Park Dong-hyuk/Coach of Gyeongnam FC: “I will prepare better than any other season for my goal (promoted to the first division). I will do my best to make a season that you can look forward to.”

Gyeongnam FC has recruited eight players so far.

The attackers have hired a tall Colombian striker, Rivas, following a Brazilian striker named Elio.

He also paid attention to strengthening defense with experienced players.

The defensive line has been greatly strengthened by reinforcing center back Kim Hyung-jin from FC Anyang and Han Yong-soo from Seoul E-Land FC captain.

Gyeongnam FC will start off-season training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for nearly a month from the 13th.

Coach Park predicted intensive training.

[Park Dong-hyuk/Gyeongnam FC Director: “This winter training is probably the hardest winter training I’ve ever done as a coach.”]

Before training, players who work together with warm-up and mini-games have also been determined to win this season.

[Woo Sung/Gyeongnam FC defender: “We will work hard to prepare for promotion that we couldn’t repay last year in Thailand.”]

Gyeongnam FC will complete its off-season training in Thailand on the 9th of next month and prepare for the opening match of K League 2 with final training in Geoje for 10 days.

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