“Troublemaker” who fought with the director is leaving. “HERE WE GO” from my old team… But it’s not completely transferred. “Man U can come back.”

Jadon Sancho (24) is leaving Manchester United. However, he could return to Manchester United after the end of the season.

“Sancho is headed to Borussia Dortmund. Manchester United and Dortmund signed a loan agreement. Sancho left for a medical test,” said Fabrizio Romano on his personal social networking service (SNS) on the 10th (Korea time). It seems that the agreement has already been reached. Romano also delivered the phrase “Here We Go” that he leaves when he is certain to transfer.마카오토토주소

However, he can return to Manchester United after the end of the season. “Sancho’s rent is 4 million euros. Dortmund subsidizes Sancho’s part of his weekly salary. There is no option for him to transfer completely,” Romano said. It is a simple loan transfer.

Sancho’s move to Dortmund had already been confirmed. Football Insider disclosed the details of the contract earlier this month, saying that Dortmund will pay Sancho only 40 percent of the 250,000 pounds a week. Manchester United will subsidize 150,000 pounds.

Even Sancho quickly moved to Dortmund. He had been separated from the Manchester United squad for a long time. The media reported, “Sancho has already headed to Dortmund’s training camp. He will reunite with Dortmund in Marbella next week. Sancho hopes to get his career back on track.”

An agreement was reached between Manchester United and Dortmund. However, the initial report reportedly included a complete transfer option. “Dortmund can invoke a complete transfer clause of around 26 million pounds when Sancho’s six-month loan period ends,” Football Insider said. “When Sancho is on loan, Dortmund can pay 100,000 pounds a week. Manchester United will pay the rest.”

Manchester United striker Jadon Sancho. /AFPBBNews=News1
However, Dortmund seems to intend to send Sancho back after loaning him for a short period of time. The British “Mirror” once said that Dortmund questioned Sancho’s sense of play. He had not played in an official match for several months.

In fact, Sancho has not played in an official match for a while after a disagreement with Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag (53). It was the last time against Nottingham Forest in August. Manchester United even banned Sancho from using a first-team training ground and restaurants. According to local reports, Sancho was looking for a new team, only conducting personal training.

He was once a rising star of Manchester United. Sancho left Dortmund in the summer of 2021 and dressed up as Manchester United for 73 million pounds. He shelled out a hefty fee for the winger, who conquered the German Bundesliga at a young age. Born in Manchester, England, Sancho has returned home sensationally.

Sancho, however, has consistently displayed below-expectations performance. He has failed to revive under former coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The situation was the same under interim coach Ralf Rangnick. Ten Hag even took time off his personal schedule for Sancho to rehabilitate during the season. However, Sancho will remain one of Manchester United’s worst transfers, with only 12 goals and six assists in 82 matches.

Sancho’s appeal even ignored the players. “Manchester United players want Sancho to apologize to manager Ten Haq. I just hope the discord within the squad will end soon,” the Sun said.

Players finally persuaded Sancho. Striker Marcus Rashford (26) and defender Harry Maguire (31) and defender Luke Shaw (28) visited Sancho in person. They are known to be close friends who also played for the English national team.

Sancho, however, remained silent. He did not resolve the conflict with manager Ten Haq. The emotional goal deepened. Manchester United imposed additional disciplinary measures to pressure Sancho. Manchester United came to ban all facilities in Sancho’s first team. Sancho suffered humiliation having a meal with the Manchester United academy team. Manchester United also imposed disciplinary measures on high-ranking officials in the team.

There was a certain way. Sancho only had to apologize to manager Ten Haq. However, Sancho showed off his full self-esteem until the end. “According to various sources, Sancho has no way back to Manchester United unless he changes his stance. Sancho was late for training several times. That’s why Ten Haq does not see him in a good light,” local media said.

Ten Hag’s feud started with Sancho’s remarks on his personal social networking service (SNS). “I am a scapegoat. I am well trained. There must be another reason why I was excluded from the list against Arsenal. It is unfair,” Sancho said on social networking site in August last year.

In fact, in an interview with Arsenal before the match, coach Ten Haah heard that Sancho was excluded from the list due to his lack of training performance. Sancho was shooting at the manager’s remarks on social media. Ten Haah thought Sancho broke the rules of Manchester United’s squad.

Geary Sancho has come to leave Manchester United. Rumors of Dortmund’s transfer came out even before the winter transfer market began. Eventually, the former team held hands. Sancho, who has not played for more than four months, is likely to dream of a revival in Dortmund.

The first half of the German Bundesliga is over. Dortmund played a friendly match against AZ Alkmaar (the Netherlands) on the 6th and held its second warm-up match against Stendar Riej (Belgium) on the 9th. The team will start its second half of the season in earnest from the match against Darmstadt on the 14th.

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