“I think it’s been 10 years… Why aren’t you coming?” Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin’s heroes… ‘Diet Group’ makes a spectacular return

Cho Sang-woo (30, Kiwoom Heroes) will make his comeback in three years after completing his career as a social worker. Cho appeared on Kiwoom’s official YouTube channel on Wednesday, showing off his slim face. He looks so small even at a glance. “Diet group,” said YouTube.헤라카지노

Cho Sang-woo graduated from Daejeon High School and joined the team as the No. 1 player in the first round in 2013, recording 33 wins, 24 losses, 45 holds, 82 saves, and an earned run average of 3.11 in 299 games. He is second to none, but he has spent a long time as the main setup man. While playing the closing role, Cho has played mostly in the six to eight innings, playing at the most important juncture.

He has been working as a social service worker for the past two years, so he did not take the mound. He got enough rest on his arms and shoulders. Cho Sang-woo is virtually the only reinforcement of his power in Kiwoom, which is without Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants) and Ahn Woo-jin (social service personnel). He is expected to build a solid eighth to ninth innings with Kim Jae-woong.

Cho Sang-woo said on YouTube, “I’m working out hard. At first, the environment has changed anyway, so it’s hard to adapt and it’s a bit tiring and hard to go to work, work, and exercise, but I quickly adapted.”

On the storm diet, Cho said, “At first, I was thinking about losing weight and losing some weight, but after that, I think I lost more weight as I started to build up my body. I made myself into a good condition. Dieting (the secret) is only consistent exercise.”

How was his life as a social service worker? “I think I just spent the first year without much effort,” Cho said. “I didn’t think much about baseball, but from the second year, I thought I wanted to play baseball, and my biggest concern was to always work out and make sure I don’t get sick.” That’s how I’ve been exercising. Even after returning, I feel that I need to take good care of myself by hurting myself for one season or another. I think I need to maintain my well-made body.”

Baseball players should play baseball. Cho was hungry for baseball. “I missed playing baseball the most. I wanted to hurry up and do it, but I miss living with my teammates at a baseball stadium. I also missed that a lot,” Cho said.

The watch of the Ministry of National Defense rotates slowly for itself and quickly for others. “I think 10 years have passed. I thought it was because everyone thought it was a long time in the military, but I thought it was not just me because fans were asking, “Why aren’t you coming?”,” Cho said.

I have worked hard to renew my commitment. “I have a lot of friends I’ve never met before. We need to get close quickly and harmonize quickly,” Cho said. “We have a lot of new and young friends. Since we can gain a lot of experience, I think our skills will improve quickly. If we get closer, we can talk about baseball a lot.”

Cho Sang-woo plans to build his own body in Japan before participating in Kiwoom’s Scottsdale spring camp in Arizona. “I haven’t thrown as many balls as other players in two years, so I want to go to Japan first and throw a lot of balls in a warm place,” Cho said.

Finally, Cho Sang-woo said, “When I join the camp, I try to focus on raising the pace of throwing the ball. I worked hard for two years and prepared well to show a good performance, so I hope you support me a lot.” With Cho Sang-woo joining, the league’s closing game is up and down. Kiwoom still has something to see.

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