‘Park Tae-ha-ho’ Pohang Armband to Wandelson… First Foreign Captain in the club’s 51-year history

The Pohang Steelers of the K League 1 professional soccer team will give Wandelson, a foreign player, the captain of the new season.

Pohang said on Wednesday that it has appointed Wandelson as its new captain and Han Chan-hee and Hur Young-joon as its vice captains to lead the team in the 2024 season. It is the first time for a foreign captain to be appointed in Pohang’s 51-year history.

Wandelson is Pohang’s representative foreign player, who is ranked fifth in the club’s all-time foreign player rankings.랭크카지노도메인

“It is an honor to be appointed as the first foreign captain of the club,” Wandelson said. “If we help each other as a family, we can achieve a higher goal. I will do my best as a captain.”

After returning from loan at Begalta Sendai in Japan, Hur Young-joon said, “As soon as I returned, I took on an important task. I will assist Wandelson well.”

Han Chan-hee, who played the role of bridge between senior and junior, said, “There have been many changes in the team, but I will lead it well in a family-like atmosphere.”

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