“SON helper” keeps appearing! Dragusin revealed the reason for “refusing Munich love call → entering Tottenham.” “Looking forward to reuniting with my old colleague Kloseph… I always dreamed of EPL.”

Son Heung-min (32)’s helper is constantly appearing. “Rumanian shield” Radu Dragusin (21) expressed his excitement about joining the team.월카지노도메인

Tottenham officially announced the recruitment of Dragusin through its official website on the 12th (Korea time). “Dragusin arrived at Tottenham from Genoa. I’m very happy to recruit him,” he said. “The contract period is until 2030 and his number is six.”

Dragusin also released a video to mark his joining the club wearing a Tottenham home uniform and ball trapping. His expression is full of confidence.

“I’m very happy and excited to join Tottenham. It’s a big challenge for me and I felt that it was the right decision in my heart,” Dragousin said. “I talked a lot with manager Ange Postecoglou. I felt that I had a good connection with him. He sincerely wanted me to come to Tottenham. He liked my play and thought that I would fit well with Tottenham.”

“I like to raise the defensive line and I also like to put a lot of space behind the defense,” he said. “I will give everything to Tottenham. It was my dream to play for a place like Tottenham. I will display my capability 100 percent. I wanted to play soccer at a high level like the EPL. I achieved one of my dreams.”

He also looked forward to meeting Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kluszewski, who played together at Juventus. “We played together at Juventus three years ago. I’m glad to see you again,” he said.

Earlier, European soccer expert Fabrizio Romano announced Dragucin’s trip to Tottenham. “The contract between Dragucin and Tottenham is over and the medical test has been completed,” he said on his social networking site on Wednesday. “The transfer fee is 25 million euros plus 5 million euros, worth a total of 30 million euros. The annual salary is around 3 million euros.”

According to Romano, Bayern Munich, a “German master,” entered the recruitment match for Dragusin, but Dragusin wanted to go to Tottenham and completed a personal agreement early on. Romano left his signature slogan “Here We Go” on the 10th when the transfer was confirmed.

Based on his overwhelming physique measuring 191 centimeters, Dragusin boasts superior capacity and power to provide service. Like Mickey Vanderben, the key defender of Tottenham, Dragusin is tall and fast enough to play as a fullback. He is also known as a Romanian shield as a national defender.

He played for Serie B during the 2022-2023 season, and was recognized for his potential. He scored four goals in addition to solid defense, boasting his unique set-piece scoring ability. Based on Dragusin’s defense, Genoah was promoted to Serie A. Dragusin has displayed outstanding performances in Serie A this season. In particular, he scored a header equalizer in the match against Inter Milan, the leading team in the league, to give Genoah a valuable draw. As his skills improved further this season, not only Tottenham but also Munich, Arsenal, and Newcastle showed interest in him.

Tottenham couldn’t rest assured of Munich’s ‘hijacking’ potential. Munich is suffering from a shortage of center backs this season. Matthijs de Ligt and Dayo Upamecano were injured alternately, while Kim Min-jae played most of the games, sparking controversy. He played in all Bundesliga matches this season and missed only one match each between DFB Pokal and the UEFA Champions League.

Munich turned its attention to Romano, who had grown from Genoa to a top-rated Serie A center back. Earlier, Romano said, “Munich is trying to intercept Tottenham’s target. We have tried Tottenham’s bid and Dragudo will make a decision soon.” However, Dragudosin wanted his dream of the EPL challenge rather than the Bundesliga. “I couldn’t believe Dragudosin rejected Munich’s offer, the most prestigious club in the world. That’s how strongly I wanted to move to Tottenham,” Dragudosin said belatedly.

Italy’s Di Margio drew attention by capturing Dragusin’s flight from Italy to London. After arriving in London, he was shown getting off the plane, effectively confirming his trip to Tottenham. Romano said at the time, “Tottenham made an official offer to Genoah and offered a total transfer fee of 30 million euros to recruit Dragusin. Munich has not made an official bid. Tottenham is trying to wrap up the deal quickly.” Florian Plattenberg, who is well versed in Munich, also said, “Tottenham succeeded in signing Dragusin. The transfer fee of 25 million euros and a bonus clause are included. Dragusin is heading to Tottenham.”

Dragusin, a center back born in 2002, is well-known for his monster physique of 191 centimeters. He is a defender of the Romanian national team who stood out in the Italian stage. He played for Serie B during the 2022-2023 season, and was recognized for his potential. He scored four goals to display his unique set piece scoring ability. According to local media in Italy, Dragusin made an outstanding contribution to Genoa’s promotion to Serie A. In the 2023-2024 season, he displayed outstanding performance in Italy’s top league. In particular, he scored a header equalizer in the match against Inter Milan, the leading team in the league, to give Genoa one point.

Genoah, who sent Dragusin to Tottenham, will take Tottenham defender Jed Spence on loan. Romano explained, “Spence’s loan is part of Dragusin’s contract. A complete transfer clause of 10 million euros is also included.”

Spence left on loan to Leeds United in the English Championship (part two), but suddenly returned to Tottenham in January this year. Then, he was left behind in the cold. He was second to none, and his attitude was problematic.

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