The upgraded Gas Corporation Nicholson····’increased aggressiveness’ to ‘increased scoring ability’

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which entered the All-Star Game break with consecutive wins without losing at the start of 2024, is smiling at Andrew Nicholson’s improvement, the core of the team’s attack.라바카지노도메인

Nicholson, who was in a hurry to join Isaiah Hicks, who was expected to play a key foreign player role in the team ahead of the season’s opening, is leading the team with better performance than he did two years ago.

Nicholson, whose average score of 22.2 points by the middle of the fourth round is higher than the 20.8 points he recorded two years ago, is also active in playing an average of 26 minutes and 20 seconds, an increase of nearly three minutes.

The average number of rebounds per game decreased slightly to 7.4 compared to 7.6 two years ago, but it is evaluated that it is rather meaningful in terms of the team’s offensive linkage and activeness.

Nicholson, who was with Gas Corp. as its first foreign player in the 2021-2022 season, led the team to the quarterfinals for the first time based on his outstanding offense at the time, but it was also pointed out that he was disappointed in defense and team play at the time.

Nicholson, who personally mentioned that the biggest difference between paying attention to defense is two years ago, said, “Coach Kang Hyuk’s game management has changed the way the whole team tries to do something in defense,” adding, “I feel like I have become a different team from the first year of my foundation.”

With teammate Duvan Maxwell and Nicholson showing good performance in the rotation, Gas Corporation will enter the second half of the year with a home game against KT on January 18.

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