Coach Cho Woong-cheon, who joined Lee Seung-yeop in the introduction of the “Robot Trial,” said, “It would be good to increase the completion of the big ball type.”

KBO announced on the 11th, “We held the first board meeting in 2024 and finalized the application of ABS (automatic pitch determination system) for this season, and confirmed the timing of sequential introduction and application in consideration of the importance and urgency of major systems such as pitch clock and base size expansion. In addition, we have revised regulations related to multi-year contracts for non-FA players.”

One thing to pay attention to is the introduction of ABS. While the Peach Clock operation, which is being introduced to speed up the game, will be applied to the Futures League from the first half, and the KBO League will decide whether to apply it from the second half after conducting a trial operation in the first half, the KBO League has finally decided to officially introduce a robot referee to a first-team game for the first time in the world.헤라카지노

ABS uses a pitch tracking program to make strike and ball decisions. It is a system in which the referee, who received the ball decision in real-time through the earphone, shouts the decision.

KBO prepared to introduce the first team by operating the ABS system in the Futures League for four years from 2020. The task was to shorten the time for the judgment results to be delivered to the referee, but it was supplemented.

While preparing for this season, individuals should prepare thoroughly. The KBO has tried to minimize complaints about strike and ball decisions. If so, it is up to pitchers from now on. Through the advancement of the system, the team has confirmed the precision and consistency of ball decisions. All pitchers have to do is throw their own balls.

Cho Woong-cheon, a new pitching coach who joined Lee Seung-yeop, told OSEN over the phone, “I hope the players will play hard.” That’s why I have emphasized this to the players since last year’s closing training session. I hope they will be confident in their pitches and actively throw them.

Coach Cho then said, “You should be able to throw your own ball before considering the automatic pitch judgment system,” adding, “It would be nice for pitchers who can throw curves to improve their completeness.”

The reason for referring to the curve is that there were often cases where a big curve that was expected to be judged as a ball was judged as a strike. We will have to watch through exhibition games in the future, but the view is that there may be an advantage for a pitcher who has a ball that falls like a curve. When the catcher received it, it was a ball, but it passed the strike zone.

From the 2024 season, not only the introduction of ABS, but also the size of the base will be expanded, and there are also restrictions on defensive shifts. It induces more aggressive play and promotes strengthening defensive capabilities. There are many changes like this. The new year is bright and January is almost half over. Spring camp is not long before the 2024 season. Attention is focusing on how players will prepare for the new season.

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