“I’m an all-around sportsman.” Djokovic’s gag instinct!

Tennis superstar Djokovic turned into an all-around sportsman, including a leg tear and dunk, in a charity match ahead of the Australian Open, drawing laughter.마카오토토주소

Djokovic enters the court with a dainty dance.

We’re going to play mixed doubles with women’s players with Tsitsipas.

Whenever he hits a shot, he makes a strange sound and bursts into laughter from the audience.


He also faced off against Australian wheelchair tennis champion Davidson, who burst into laughter with his humorous appearance.

He then succeeded in tearing his leg and showed off his unexpected flexibility!

This time, he entertained fans by imitating LeBron James’ ceremony after making an alley-oop dunk shot.

Djokovic ended the warm charity match with a smile and a tennis ball in cricket at the end.

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