Kyungbok won this year, and Korea University won this year, too

On the 10th and 12th, Korea University and Kyungbok High School had practice games. The university and high school experiment with various player combinations and possibilities during the regular season as well as tests of prospective freshmen through practice games. For the university team, it is also an opportunity to observe high school prospects.

Many amateur basketball leaders pointed out Kyungbok as the strongest high school player this year. Lee Keun-joon, Yoon Hyun-sung, Kim Sung-hoon, and Lee Byung-yeop, who won the runner-up prize during last year’s federation presidential term, have grown further. Notably, expressions such as “overwhelming heights of Yoon Hyun-sung, who is 203-centimeter barefoot, and Kim Sung-hoon, who is 205-centimeter barefoot,” are not lacking in expression.

Only four of the first and second graders enrolled in the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Association last year were big men over 2 meters. Two of them are from Kyungbok High School, and they are taller than the other two. Of course, because they are still tall in high school, they can generate more big men over 2 meters. Still, the two players are not short on their competitiveness.

The advantage of Yoon Hyun-sung, who is a coach at Kyungbok High School Lim Sung, is his athletic ability. When you jump, you have good elasticity enough to reach your head on the rim. He has good strength and speed compared to his height. Kim Sung-hoon’s strength is sincerity. He trains silently and steadily and concentrates well, coach Lim says.

Captain Lee Keun-joon is a 197-cm tall shooter. In the final four games of the 2023 federation presidential term, he made three or more 3-pointers and received the Excellence Award. Song Han-joon (first grade, 195) from the 16-year-old national team and Kim Ho-won (third grade of Samseon Middle School, 197), prospective freshmen, are among the five players who are over 195 centimeters tall.

In the backcourt, there are Lee Byung-yeop (2nd grade, 183) who won the high school assist award last year following the MVP of the middle school league in 2021, and Yoon Ji-hoon (3rd grade, 183) who won five gold medals in middle school last year. Jeong Si-hoo (1st grade, 185) who has good shooting ability will balance his offense from the outside.

What coach Lim is most wary of is the players’ excessive confidence. I don’t think the evaluation of “the best power” is welcome for players in the process of learning. Rival Yongsan High School, which has a lot of experience in winning, is not easy. There are many cases where the power is not proportional to the performance. This is why we need to focus more.

Of course, coach Lim Sung-in’s eyes are on the championship cup. He only finished second twice last year. He lost to Yongsan High School both times. I don’t want to lose a game this year. I hope the players will face Korea University, the strongest university, with a strong spirit of challenge.

Korea University has 32 wins and two losses in its college league performance over the past two years. Including MBC’s Bae, the team has 43 wins and two losses. The team is truly the strongest in terms of its performance. It showed off its potential in Sunday’s game. There are only six players who can play. Half of them were freshmen and two were scheduled to enter school, but overwhelmed Korea 51-22 in the first half. Gyeongbok High School failed to overcome strong pressure from Korea University.

Moon Yoo-hyun and Lee Dong-geun clearly imprinted the difference between college and high school. Senior players who experienced many big games such as regular games and playoffs were able to afford to play. Although he has yet to get out of his college freshman status, coach Joo Hee-jung has high expectations for the two players.

Moon is the younger brother of Moon Jung-hyun, who was the first pick in the 2023 KBL Rookie Draft. He scored the most points and assists among Korean players at the FIBA 19-year-old World Cup last year. He is strong enough to score a winning three-point shot in a tie situation one second before the end of the College League Playoff final against Yonsei University.

Lee started playing basketball late, but he is growing faster than expected. “The materials are different from those of his peers in terms of quality. There may be variables, but he is likely to be the biggest draft pick for the next three years,” professional coach Mo praised the team.

He is 198 centimeters tall, has good elasticity and speed. Watchers say he moves knowing the flow of airflow due to his good ball handling. Coach Joo Hee-jung also gave compliments to Lee Dong-geun. Lee Dong-geun filled in well last year’s vacancy caused by Moon’s recruitment to the national team, and he expects his team to grow further this year as well.

Coach Joo Hee-jung’s goal for this season is to win all games. He allowed defeat, which he did not allow even his rival Yonsei University, to Sangmyung University last year and Chung-Ang University the year before. He does not want to repeat such mistake this year. Yonsei has gained strength, but he firmly believes that the victory belongs to Korea University.라바카지노도메인

Korea University’s biggest enemy is injuries. Many players suffer from injuries, big and small. Kim Tae-hoon and Yoo Min-soo will return next week, but it is hard to expect a normal winter training. We need to refine our organization through the games.

The strong player base with a lot of winning experience is an advantage. Yang Joon, Lee Do-yoon, Yoo Min-soo, and Lee Dong-geun are among the highest in the university. Captain Kim Tae-hoon and Park Jun-hyung are “players who can play their part in any position.” When the two seniors come in, the team’s energy level rises.

Seok Jun-hwi (193, G), who is big and fast, has been added to the existing backcourt of Kim Do-eun, Park Chung-hwan, and Moon Yoo-hyun. He is a player who can contribute to strong defense and fast attack. Coach Joo Hee-jung wants basketball to reduce ball possession time and make faster shootings. Seok is a player who can make plays simple and simple.

Kyungbok’s concern is the “short pitching” of its third graders. Four out of five players started playing basketball in middle school. The team lacks strength and makes many mistakes. It is regrettable to read the flow of the game. The team was pushed back by Korea University 7-30 in the second quarter. That’s why Lim says the first competition is important. If things go well in the first competition, the team can continue its flow throughout the season.

The two teams have a lot in common. They have strong power, formidable rivalries, and others. Korea University dreams of revenge, while Kyungbok University dreams of revenge. It was a practice game, but the bench of the two teams was serious. They understand the value of sweat they sweated in winter.

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