Kim Sung-geun, Lee Dae-ho, and Jung Geun-woo have one voice, “Introduction of automatic ball count, concern about delay in game time.”

Regarding the automatic ball count judgment (ABS), legends of Korean baseball gathered in one place to talk.

On the 13th, Lee Dae-ho had a time to seriously talk about baseball with his friend Jung Geun-woo and teacher Kim Sung-geun on his YouTube channel (RE:DAEHO). All three of them are members of JTBC’s strongest baseball team, and even after retirement, they have impressed their viewers with as much fighting as active players. There has been a lot of talk about it, but again, what drew the most attention was the ball count robot decision. In conclusion, all three legends expressed opinions that were close to the opposite.

Jung Geun-woo and Lee Dae-ho, two friends, said, “It takes time for the robot to make ball count decisions and deliver the process to the referee. If so, the game time can be longer than expected, and if the video review time overlaps with it, it increases even more. For some reason, it feels like baseball is going crazy.” In this situation, he pointed out that there is a high risk of injury if the pitching clock is introduced and the pitcher is urged to throw quickly. It is necessary to remember the KBO at least once from the points that came out from the mouth and experience of those who played as active players until just a few years ago.헤라카지노주소

Manager Kim Sung-geun cited a more specific situation as an example. It was a case related to the disadvantages of ABS introduced in high school baseball last year. As ball/strike decisions were made mechanically due to the introduction of ABS, there were cases where 30 walks were allowed per game. That is why he pointed out that the system is not yet perfect. In fact, due to this ball count judgment in high school baseball, the initially set strike zone had to be re-established and applied to robots and revised. Young players had already experienced the case last year, which was even longer due to excessive walks in high school baseball, which was expected to shorten the game time.

However, there are also areas where it is difficult to directly compare high school baseball with professional baseball. This is because high school baseball has a responsibility to make a fair decision at the national competition in order to prevent ball count judgments related to irregularities in entrance exams from being unfairly accepted. Despite the many limitations of high school baseball leaders across the country, they are confident that at least one ball count can be judged fairly.

KBO also recognized this fact, and in this issue on the 11th, it decided to postpone the introduction of the pitching clock for a while while implementing the ABS as it is. However, it is necessary to recall the reason why professional baseball had no choice but to introduce this system. This was because some judges in Korea were not free from the responsibility of making a strike decision that was not collective. In other words, it is a fact that it is the result of the judges themselves. Therefore, ABS is bound to be implemented ‘despite’ the shortcomings mentioned by the previous three legends.

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