Badminton Star Ahn Se-young Wins Malaysian Open Singles for First Time

Badminton star Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance) has become the first Korean to win the Malaysian Open singles event.

World No. 1 in badminton women’s singles, Ahn Se-young won the women’s singles final of the “Malaysian Open” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 14th (Korea time) by beating world No. 4 Tai Chiuying (10-21 21-10 21-18).

After suffering a knee injury in the Asian Games singles final, she ranked No. 1 again in three months. She also acquired 91,000 dollars in prize money.

He also avenged his upset loss at the end of last year due to Tai Chiuying. In December last year, Ahn was on the verge of winning 19-10 in three games when his team had a 1-1 game score in the semifinals of the World Tour Finals, which is a showdown between the king and the king, but lost consecutive points and suffered a shocking upset loss of 20-22.마카오토토주소

In addition, Ahn became the first Korean to win the Malaysian Open singles.

Starting with women’s doubles (Kim Yeon-ja-Yoo Sang-hee) in 1983 and men’s doubles (Lee Deuk-chun-Kim Moon-soo) in 1984, Park Joo-bong, Jung So-young, Jung Myung-hee, Hwang Hye-young, Lee Sang-bok, Kim Dong-moon, Gil Young-ah, Lee Dong-soo, Yoo Yong-sung, Ra Kyung-min, Lee Jae-jin, Lee Hyo-jung, Lee Yong-dae, Lee Kyung-won, Lee Kyung-won, Kim Ki-jung, and Kim Sa-rang won in men’s and women’s singles events.

Ahn was surprised to hear from the Badminton World Federation that he is the first Korean to win the Malaysian Open singles. “Really? I didn’t know that. I’m very happy to know you,” Ahn said in an interview with the federation after the match. “I always feel great to play in Malaysia. I want to win more titles in the future.”

After losing to Tai Chiuying in the World Tour Finals in December last year, Ahn confessed that he had vowed to avenge himself by re-playing matches. “I did my homework while watching the games again. I’m glad that my hard work paid off,” Ahn said.

Ahn Se-young, who won the Malaysian Open, is aiming to win the Indian Open this week for the second consecutive week. “I’m happy to win my first competition of the year,” Ahn said. “I started the new year well.”

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