KBO 25-year-old Top 2nd baseman’s Position in Coping with Baseball Revolution… 40 steals in 3 years? ML Pre-Experience ‘Chance of Desperation’

Kim Hye-sung is expected to officially announce his advance to the Major League through a meeting with Ko on Wednesday. The team has decided to allow the team early on, and the only thing left is to coordinate the timing. Against this backdrop, the door to challenges will likely open from the 2024-2025 off-season.헤라카지노주소

If Kim Hye-sung enters the Major League in 2025 through the posting system, 2024 will be his last season in the KBO League. This year, the KBO League will largely follow the Major League revolution. With the start of the first half of the year, ABS system, defensive shift limitation, base size expansion, etc. will be applied. It is highly likely that pitch clock and check ball restrictions will be implemented in the second half.

Such a system change is practically hard to avoid in modern baseball. After all, adaptation, not timing, is the key. For Kim, it is an opportunity to adapt to the system that was changed in the KBO League this year, and prove that he is the right player for it. This means that it is a golden opportunity to adapt in advance to the environment similar to that of the Major League just one year before entering the Major League.

Kim Hye-sung is in the limelight in the Major League at this point in time because he is the type that can best survive institutional changes. Restrictions on check balls and expansion of base sizes have created a good environment for stealing bases, and restrictions on shifts have created an environment in which players compete with pure defense. Running base and defense are Kim Hye-sung’s specialties.

The batter will not suffer a bad blow. Kim Hye-sung, a left-handed hitter, is not an extreme puller. However, due to the ban on shifts, the gap between players 1 and 2 is likely to widen. Kim Hye-sung, a “30% hitter,” is more likely to survive just by pulling well.

The baseball revolution from the KBO begins, and Kim Hye-sung’s report card is of interest. This is because it is not simply to evaluate the season, but can be a reference for the possibility of survival in the Major League. As he has publicly announced his entry into the Major League, he is expected to be ready to show it properly.

Kim Hye-sung stole the most bases in a season from 46. He became the stealer king with a success rate of 92 percent. It was a symbolic result that gave him an opportunity to emerge as the best center fielder in the KBO League. Originally, he steals a lot and has a high success rate. By limiting the number of bases in check and expanding the base size, he is expected to show more stolen bases and a better success rate. If he makes 50 steals this season, it will be a huge success.

The batting average was 0.335 last year, a career high. There is nothing to be desired if you raise the figure further. The same applies to other detailed indicators. In defense, shortstop’s return may or may not be achieved. Whether it is shortstop or second baseman, it is an opportunity to show off one’s pure athletic ability.

How will KBO’s baseball revolution affect Kim Hye-sung’s advance to the Major League? Since Kim Hye-sung prepares and trains so thoroughly and sincerely, it is expected to work positively.

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